App reviews for Windows – V-Browser for Surface Tablets

Alternate browsers for Surface Tablets – V-Browser by Epic Apps App Review   —-   ☕☕ /☕☕☕☕☕

I’m always looking for alternative browsers for my Surface RT tablet. Pretty much everything available is rather sad and more glitchy than IE. V-Browser by EpicApps had a bit of promise but the flaws far outweigh the benefits.

Good: It’s pretty peppy. It loads pages quickly. Videos stream seamlessly. Whipping between websites was very efficient. I was impressed with how fast pages popped up. A real bonus is it’s relative light weight –  weighing in under 3 megs – so it doesn’t take up a lot of valuable harddrive space.

Bad: No add-ons or extensions. To make it worse, there is no way to bookmark sites. It does claim to have a Speed Dial that you can add sites to, but after 2 weeks, I could never get it to work.

Ugly: Ads taking up valuable screen real estate. Not all the time mind you, just sporadically, which was maddening in itself. I don’t object to ads, I use them myself. What I dislike is their intrusive placement. Epic decided to take up the entire bottom of the screen with a banner ad. I loath this type of browser hijacking.  Their appearance is completely random. Use the browser once or twice and no ads. Load it a third time and bingo, the bottom of the screen is a flashing ad. A bigger issue crops up when the ads run on the screen, the browser had a habit of glitching. V-Browser becomes unresponsive to touch after about 10 minutes and then pop off. I thought originally it was my tablet, but testing it on another one brought up the same issue. It nips along quickly and then suddenly tapping doesn’t work and the browser closes itself. If the ads don’t run, the browser is pretty good. I could live with a wonky Speed Dial, but I can’t live with the seeming randomness of the ads.

I’ll go back and visit it later, see if any of the issues have been addressed. If they ditch the ads completely, address the lack of bookmarks (or fix the speed dial feature), it would be a nifty browser. In the meantime, it can’t replace IE. Next tablet I buy will be a Surface Pro so I can load up Chrome and Firefox. The inability to use a quality browser is maddening.

Test V-Browser out for yourself. You can download it free at the Windows Store – V-Browser. As of May 23/2018 this app is no longer available.