A little something for my construction fans – VIDEO of an auger in action

At one point last week, I realised not many of my readers will have actually stopped and watched the big augers in action.  So, I went out just before Christmas and stood in the COLD taking a couple of short videos. You’re welcome. I loaded them up on Youtube Christmas day but was too tired to do anything with them.

The company doing the work is Rumble Foundations out of Mississauga. That’s all they do – foundations for big builds. I was poking around their website and figured they are putting caissons in. If I’m wrong, please correct me. I’d be happy to be educated on the process. They’ve done a lot of the big jobs here in Toronto, but this is the first time I’ve paid attention to what they are doing. I have to say, I really expected this work to be far noisier. I’m sure it will get pretty loud at one point during the build, but the augers themselves are surprisingly muted.

Here’s the first one:

This one is better – they were drilling near the entrance and I was able to catch a great video of them dumping the dirt off the auger itself.

I enjoy watching this one. It’s fun to watch the auger spin in reverse and throws all the dirt off. It’s like watching a dirt vortex whirling about. I’m not sure if that means I’m a complete and utter geek or I desperately need to get out more. Anyway, come back in a day or two and I’ll post some excellent photos of what happens when they drill down into rock. It was illuminating and amusing.

Most of the noise on the first video is the sound of the wind. When I went out the second time, there was zero wind and let’s you hear, up close, the noise, which isn’t a lot considering the equipment.

After posting the videos, I realised Rumble Foundations really needs a Twitter and Youtube account. That would be an account I’d follow. They could load up lots of shots fo their work so people here in Toronto start to understand how complex the work is.  Enjoy the videos. As I said, come back for more later in the week. I have some great shots. I’m also working on more digital art (non construction related, I promise) but it will take time to do. My Wacom is getting tempermental, as is my trusty laptop. Time to consider replacing both in the new year.

If you’d like me to poke around getting more videos of the work in progress leave a comment here or on my Youtube page and let me know.