Damned Joomla – I fixed the site

Finally – it took nearly the entire day, but the back end is working again, and the site is reloaded! Thought I’d never get it  fixed. Just a bit of fine tuning, change the background and font colour etc. and back to normal. That’ll wait until tomorrow. I had to reload a few articles because of a corrupted database killed 2 backup copies. Thankfully, I usually draft the stories on Word first then transfer them so I had working copies to copy from. Lost all the hit counts, which is a bit sad, but not a big deal.

Sigh … finally.


Slideshow confusion – another candidate for Web Ring of Hell

Slideshow confusion – another candidate for Web Ring of Hell

The other day I went off on the prevelance of web developers who overload slide shows.  Today, I have a related sin: Example of a slideshow that doesn't match the headline

A couple of issues come to mind:

What is the actual news story? This is a prime case of a jarring headline mismatched with the first slide. Talk about mental whiplash. Why choose a slide of Pamela Anderson to lead the slideshow if the headlines are talking about human remains washing ashore.

Then we move on to the issue of context. Nowhere in that slideshow is there anything that matches the headline. It’s a clickbait setup. No idea how MSN sets up the backend, but something is seriously wrong with it. Surely there is at least one human working there who can read.  It reeks of “Let’s bang together a bunch of random news stories, create some nifty slides and toss them together, then steal a headline from a news source to make it look legit”.

Worse still the headline is embedded over each slide:

Slideshows showing unrelated content

In case you’re wondering, that’s Texas. No date given.

And now the final issue that ticked me off the most – no links. Nope, nothing is connected to the CBC story. It’s a floating headline with no purpose in life. I think I go to the MSN news page solely to tick myself off … and it ever fails.