Naughty Waldo – banned by a boob

Naughty Waldo – banned by a boob

I can’t stop laughing. Someone had a hissy fit over this: Image from Where's Waldo - courtesy Candlewick Pres

Waldo was a naughty boy and let a woman cavort on the beach without her top on. GASP… the unmitigated cad. The book was pulled from a school library in the 1990s because of the “inappropriate and seditious hidden imagery”. The only way to spot the offending breast is to pull out an electron microscope.

Waldo made the top 100 frequently banned and challenged books for the 1990s. Humans … too much time on their hands.


Read more on Waldo’s bare breasted friend here: New York Times: Public & Private; The Breast Ban

If you’d like to strike a blow on behalf of writers, go buy a Waldo book or any other banned or challenged book. You can find an extensive list at the American Library Associations page