Win App review – a little something to block out the gawd awful noise

Win App review – a little something to block out the gawd awful noise

Icon for White Noise Machine Win 10 app
Icon for White Noise Machine Win 10 app

White Noise Generator by Idea MK (Store page:

Works on Windows Mobile devices ☕☕☕☕ /☕☕☕☕☕

I move about the city a lot which means I’m often blasted with the most awful noise imaginable. Everything from music piped in at ear splitting levels, constant construction, people yelling into their phones or jackasses who haven’t figured out the sounds from their Candy Crush game were designed to push the average person into a raging fury of Hulkitude.

It’s difficult to block out the noise and a pair of earphones really doesn’t do a lot, other than to muffle the sound a little. If the music isn’t too loud, I’ll pop my headphones on and hope for the best. However, this doesn’t always work. Short of investing in a pair of high end noise cancelling headphones, you have to either suffer or download a white noise generator. Enter apps designed to keep you and me sane – the white noise generator.

I tested a number of white noise generators, some were meh… others crap on a cracker and then I found this simple, modest little app, White Noise Machine

This is the type of app I like – no unnecessary features, simple, clean and intuitive. Tap it on, choose the type of ambient sound you want to hear and hit play. I use the wind feature a lot, but the storm and rain are quite good as well. The wind varies just enough to distract from the incredible cacophony around and allows me to concentrate or relax.

The app comes with a handy timer if you want to set it to shut off on it’s own. When the screen turns off, the app continues working (unlike a couple I tried). All in all very sound. I gave it nearly full marks because it was the one app that stopped me from turning into one of those people who stand in the middle of the sidewalk shaking their fist at everyone. They can have their noise, I can have my quiet.

It’s a free app that relies on ads for revenue. The ads in no way detracts from the software’s usefulness. They pop up occasionally and are easily dismissed. Because the ads are non-intrusive, I’ve actually taken to tapping them once in a while to support the developer. I’d pay for this app – happily. It would be money well spent.

I have a tiny little observation that makes me chuckle. The app offers a variety of sounds including hairdryers and vacuums.. to each their own white noise. But the airplane? Sorry guys, that isn’t the sound of a jet, it’s a prop plane. You really need to change the photo.

My only real complaint is the looping is a bit sloppy. When the end of the sound comes, the app abruptly cuts out and starts over. I can be a bit disconcerting and I wish they’d fix it.

It’s specifically designed for Windows mobile devices, anything from 8 up. So laptop users are out of luck. Hopefully the developer will extend the app to laptops and tablets.