New browser for Windows 10 – Spartan

The cat is out of the bag. This week, ZDNET reported Microsoft will be unveiling a new browser for Windows 10. Although IE11 will still ship with the new OS, MS will likely be debuting Spartan, their leaner, (hopefully) faster browser as well.

Despite what many tech bloggers love to claim, IE is still widely used around the world. With approx 56%(see Market share research) of the market share, it’s still a player. I shake my head everytime I read a blogger claiming “no one uses IE” or “it’s usage is so low, it’s not worth designing for”.  IE isn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, an excellent browser, but it is servicable and people stick with what they are familiar with. People have learned to live with it’s quirks.

Early leaked report say Spartan should be leaner, faster and more stable than the venerable IE. It should also be compatible with IE, which hopefully means people can import all their settings with no hassles. One of my major complaints about IE is the amount of bloat it comes with now, so a spartan browser would be refreshing. Early days yet, but hopefully the reports are true. One big note  – it’s supposed to be compatible with Windows 10 tablets which would be a relief for RT users stuck with IE.

We’ll have to wait and see if Microsoft shows off the browser in January 21 Win 10 big reveal.

If Microsoft is listening – make it compatible with Surface RT out now. We really need a viable alternative to IE on our tablets.