Win 10 app review – WhatsApp for windows

WhatsApp for Win Phone – ☕☕☕☕☕/☕☕☕☕☕

Fans of WhatsApp can enjoy the app on their Windows Phones.   This cross-platform mobile messaging/call app will allow you to talk and message your friends, regardless of their OS platform.  I tested it out with a customer who is a Rogers/iPhone6 user. I’m a Telus WinBlue phone user. It worked without any issues. I was surprised at how crisp the voice was as well as the video. Messaging is pretty standard –  you’ve used one, you’ve used them all.

Sending attachments is a dawdle with WhatsApp. One issue that really irritates with my existing messaging package is it’s inability to receive attachments from non Telus users.  Messaging choked on any attachment. WhatsApp breezed through this – attaching either directly from my camera/video recorder audio or pictures folder. It also has a good cropping tool built in that’s useful.

WhatsApp taps into your data plan so be wary if you are on a low data one – you could plow through your time in a heartbeat.  Just set it up to access whatever  Wi-Fi network you are near, it will send your call through the internet instead much the same way Skype does.  That means free calls to anyone using WhatsApp as well, regardless your location.

Early incarnations of WhatsApp for Windows was a bit shakey. I tried it out months ago and gave up after it crashed constantly. Since then, they seem to have ironed out the bugs and it’s rock solid.

It would be great to have it available for a Surface Tablet – maybe in the future.