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February 27, 2015

Tech news roundup – OneDrive pins, iOS updates and more

OneDrive adds pin numbers to their app

Well, this is cool. Microsoft will be adding a new feature to their OneDrive app for smart phones. The newest update will allow users to set a pin number access to their account. This means if someone else uses your phone, they will still need a 4 digit pin to access your cloud account.   Without the pin, no one can delete anything from your OneDrive. Nice.   This is no longer available on OneDrive.

Lenovo’s massive mistep

After the recent Superfish Maleware fiasco, Lenovo has now promised to pare down the amount of crapware loaded into their machines. For those in the know, off the shelf computers are riddled with useless software that adds no value to the machine. It’s called bloat ware for a good reason. We’ve gotten used to this over the years, but Lenovo overstepped and caused a geekstorm last month by loading Superfish onto new laptops. There is no possible reason or excuse to ship laptops infected with this man-in-the-middle adware.   Lenovo claims it was to enhance the users shopping experience. Those of us who work hard to keep the crap out of computers didn’t buy into the corpo speak for “we’ll send you ads, you shut up and accept it”.   Well after consumers gave Lenovo a collective middle finger, the company fell over themselves trying to correct the problem. Can we say “public relations disaster”? This should be used in marketing as a case study in what not to do. It ranks up there with Sony’s rootkit shitstorm from awhile back. No one has forgotten or forgiven Sony for that.

A much chastised Lenovo has now vowed to be diligent in what crapware they load, how much crapware they install … they’ve promised to reduce the amount of bloatware that comes with new laptops.

In a related note, Microsoft Defender was updated earlier in the week so it would remove Superfish. There are many tools out there now, including one issued by Lenovo, to remove this insidious software. If you suspect you have it, run your scans to be sure.

Apple’s iOs8.2 update

Apple users be on the watch for the release of iOs8.2 next week. Rumour has it, Apple has finished testing the update early and plans to release it Monday. As usual, backup before installing. It’s all fun and games until you lose all your photos because of a glitch.

Looking for a good budget smart phone? Microsoft has a couple of low cost, unlocked phones to consider. The BLU line , running Windows 8, is a perfect phone for people who refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone. Aside from the ghastly colour options – migraine inducing orange and yellows? Seriously?? – they are great phones. I picked one up for $75, popped my Telus pay as you go chip in and was off and running. Yes, I am that cheap.   You may have to replace your sim card if it’s the wrong size, but that’s not a big cost. Telus replaced mine for a nominal fee and I simply logged into my account and transferred the data over. If you are a techno klutz, the staff at any Microsoft store will even transfer your sim for you and get the phone up and running at no extra cost. I’ve already sent a few of my tech shy customers down there to replace their creaking smartphones.

Not even if they gave it to me

And finally, the conspicuous consumption award goes to Brikk for their appallingly crass diamond encrusted iPhone watch. Ranging from abt $7,500 to $68,000, Brikk offers up bling that should never see the light of day.


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