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Small web site design & social media jumpstart.


Covid Notice: We are currently not doing at on-site calls. We will update this site as conditions change. 

Online support available to anyone with a stable Internet connection.

The computer must be able to connect and stay on during the support call. 

If you are experiencing Wi-Fi or printer issues contact us to discuss possible solutions.

Online support available – Use the form below or the chat icon in the corner to set up a call via Zoom/Microsoft Teams or phone.

Payment: Paypal & E transfers. 

Checkups & cleaning

Keep your computer running smoothly with regular maintenance.

Setting up spring and fall tune ups will help keep your devices running smoothly.  The initial appointment normally takes approx. 1 – 2 hours per machine. During the appointment, we will be happy to offer tips on keeping your computer running efficiently.  Subsequent checkups should take approx. 1/2 hour.

Checkups include ensuring all updates are installed, antivirus is working, deletion of junk files & bloatware that may be slowing down your system and a malware check.

Microsoft | Apple | Android 

Computer problems can be maddening. Why did the software stop working? Why is the computer so slow? The printer worked yesterday! 

After diagnostics are completed, we will explain what is wrong and how long the repair will take.

We encourage customers to ask questions and chat about what happened and how to avoid problems in the future. Our aim is to create confident, self-sufficient customers. Nothing thrills us more than to receive an email from a customer telling us how they followed instructions and fixed a problem themselves. That is the result of excellent customer support.

  • virus & malware removal
  • software troubleshooting, includes Microsoft, Apple, Android
  • new device recommendations tailored to your budget & needs
  • device setup includes laptops, desktops, printers, tablets, smart phones and Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi & e-mail issues resolved
  • software installation 
  • printer issues fixed


Trouble shooting

Office 365, Win 10, Apple and Android software fixed.


Web design & social media kickstart

Web sites for small businesses

Need a new website? Or does your current site need a fresh look? Catpaw Computer Consulting can build a site from scratch or help you redesign your current website and offer tips on keeping it current.

Web Design for Small Businesses

You know your customers. We know how to design sound WordPress sites. Let’s work together to create a website that speaks to your customers. 

Our design philosophy – Keep it simple and stay customer focused. 

We will walk you through all the steps in setting up, promoting and maintaining your website.

Talk to us about kick starting your social media profile. Don’t neglect securing your social media accounts. You’ve put a lot of effort into building your online profile, don’t risk it being hijacked. We’ll help you lock down your accounts.

Contact us using the form below or tap the chat icon on the lower left.

Ditch the manuals and long winded books. Contact Catpaw Computers for straight forward, easy to follow lessons.

We pride ourselves on our plain language tutorials!

Beginners, intermediate & advanced support. We’ll adjust our approach to your level of knowledge. 

One session or multiple sessions, depending on your needs. Make a cup of tea, settle back and enjoy learning about the device or software without stress. Over 40 years experience teaching people everything from the broadcasting to computers. Teaching is our forté.

We always acknowledge and tailor communication to each person’s level of expertise, age and comfort zone. 

Friendly, approachable and best of all, fun. Yes, we have a lot of fun teaching people how to master software and devices.

  • Smart devices
  • Internet & e-mail
  • Office 365
  • Windows, Mac, Android
  • How to use social media
  • Maintaining your current WP site
  • Streaming movies
  • How to search efficiently
  • Talk to us about what you need

Tutorials conducted via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. 

Lessons | Tutorials

Manuals have you frustrated? Or worse, there is no manual? No problem. Give us a shout to set up lessons.


Office help

Let us help you catch up on office paperwork. 

Office work frustrating you? Documents stacking up and need someone to work them into shape? Give us a call and see how Catpaw Consulting can help you out.

Business correspondence written

  • Web post rewrites
  • Customised Word templates
  • Official documents proofed and formatted

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