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April 13, 2016

The Theory of Headphone Entanglement

How does this happen? Image of tangled headphone cables

This is a mild case, only 3 knots and 5 loop de loops. Some mornings it takes 5 minutes to
figure out how to untangle the mess. Is there a scientific explanation like the “Theory
of Headphone Entanglement”? Or do cable pixies come in during the night and weave
knots with our headphones. Some days I swear I have a Gordian Knot on my hands. One morning I tossed the headphones on the desk and bought a new set (a modern method of taking a sword to the
problem) out of sheer frustration.

I have a 4 hooks on the wall with various cables strung on them and they all seem to be afflicted with the same problem. I carefully hang the cables, making sure they are straight, and BAMMO within a week it l looks like a den of orgasmic snakes in the throws of mating. I’ve taken to hanging a shirt over the cables so I don’t see them when I walk by.

Arrggg ….


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