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Tired of winter yet? How about just a few more photos of snow?

Written by catpaw

February 12, 2018

Despite my grumblings about snow and cold, I still ventured into it Saturday. I didn’t take my DSLR and instead relied on my cell phone camera. It’s pretty good for quick shots when I go from point a to point b for some winter shots

I’ve taken shots of this crabapple tree numerous times because it presents such a striking image.

Photo of crabapple tree covered in snow - Winter shots

It lends itself to black and white rather well. Unfortunately, the cell phone doesn’t capture shadows and edges when the light isn’t optimal and produces too much noise for my liking.  I really should have taken the DSLR with me, but I was too lazy.

Photo of street covered in snow - Winter shots

It wasn’t that bad out, despite the doom and gloom forecasts. Just a lot of slushy snow as the day continued. But it sure is pretty in the winter:

Photo of snowy street Winter shots

And finally, spring can’t be far away, right?

Photo of a bike covered in snow - Winter shots


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