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February 13, 2016

Toronto in the summer – trees as far as the eye can see

weather in toronto Feb 2016

Yea, that’s cold no matter how you look at it. But dress in layers and it’s not so bad. The frost on the windows is so thick I couldn’t see out. Had to scrape it clear to see. We’ve gotten off easy this year so far – been fairly warm so we’re all spoilt. But when you’re slogging around in the cold, can’t find your mittens,  a warm thought is needed to get  through the day. Here’s one of my favourite ones:

Toronto syline, south view

Here’s a south facing view of Toronto, one not normally seen. Usually you get these iconic shots of the CN Tower and all the high rises, but if you look to the left or right, you are greeted with a sea of green.  I took this from the 19th floor on the south side in a friend’s apartment last year.  We stood in the window just admiring the view, enjoying the sunshine and warmth. The view is stunning. Just think of waking up to this every morning. If you pan to the left, you get the typical view, but I prefer the green. Stay warm… enjoy the view.



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