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Written by catpaw

March 18, 2016

Toronto’s rare & elusive new streetcars are slowly becoming easier to spot. They have a nifty space age look to them and sound like they are humming along the tracks. There should be dozens on the road now, but  they are still an unusual site.  If you take the Spadina route on a regular basis, you stand a better chance of seeing one.  Imagine my surprise back in January when I saw one rolling down King Street:

TTC streetcar on King Church

Haven’t seen another down there since.  And it’s a route that desperately needs the bigger street cars.

They really do whoosh when they go by. I think I’ll miss the noise of the older cars. In the wee hours of the morning, I can hear them pull out of the St Clair station, even blocks away. In the summer, I lie in bed, before the sun rises listening to the birds and streetcars – the only sounds for hours along our stretch of civilization. Without the usual traffic, the ding, ding and screeetch of wheels on rails travels a long distance.

TTC old and new street cars on King and Church


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