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Toronto street art – wall art near OCAD

Written by catpaw

February 05, 2016

One of my favourite stores here in Toronto is an art store near the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). It’s Above Ground Art Supplies. Great place. I love wandering down there because of the funky wall art I run across when I’m walking around the area. But this one spooks me .. every frigging time I turn the corner and see it I jump … every time:

Great wall art  near OCAD, Toronto

Wall art found down on McCaul Toronto, Ontario
She’s awesome. On a bright day, in the sunshine, she looks like she’s leaping off the wall right at you.  No idea who the artist is.  I swear, the best wall art to be seen in Toronto is down around McCaul street, not far from the AGO.

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