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USPS summer treat – scratch ‘n sniff stamps

Written by catpaw

May 27, 2018

The USPS is offering up a booklet of popsicle scratch n’ sniff stamps to kick off the summer.  On June 20th, the US post office will roll out new stamps titled “Frozen Treats”. If you’re interested in them, I’d suggest you pre-order because stamps like this tend to go fast.

Image of new USPS scratch and sniff stamps showing popsicles

The booklet of 20 forever stamps, selling for $10, showcases Margaret Berg’s wonderful art.  What smells are going to be offered up? The post office isn’t saying so you’ll have to buy them to find out.  If you’re in Austin, Texas, you can attend the official unveiling at  The Thinkery Children’s Museum at 6 pm in the Events Courtyard. If you can’t attend, tune in via the USPS Facebook page to watch the live stream ceremony.

Pre-order “Frozen Treats” directly through the USPS website. If you buy them, let me know what they smell like. It’ll be interesting to hear what each person identifies. 


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