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June 22, 2016

Web Designer Rings of Hell – hopscotching to #8

Logo - 8th Ring of Design HellI’m going to hopscotch across a couple rings of Designer Hell and pop into ring #8 – click bait websites or as Dante would label them – fraudsters.  You’ve likely landed on one of these dreaded sites and thought “WTF” and tried to zoom away at top speed.  These are pages that are so loaded down with ads and wonky scripts that your browser grinds to a halt or crashes,  leaving you whimpering in some corner screaming “make it stop … make it stop”. Nothing says good web design like leaving your reader in a fetal position.

And all too often the promised content just doesn’t exist. The web designer created a teaser ad loaded with fake images to draw you in.  That’s pretty much a good description of bait and switch. Fraud by any other name is still fraud.

Example of a clickbait ad

Example of a clickbait ad

The above is an obvious click bait because the young man in the photo is alive and well. The unwary click because they wonder if they missed the news and are promptly sucked into a rabbit hole of ads, ads and more ads, accompanied by so many tracking scripts, the reader has no choice but give up in despair and chuck their laptop over the balcony to escape the endless cycle of pop ups, “WAIT DO YOU MEAN TO LEAVE” nags and script errors… it’s exhausting just writing about it.  The few (un)lucky readers who make it through the initial barrage of script errors and ads are left trying to figure out where the content is. It’s usually squeezed into a small piece of real estate surrounded by, you guessed it, more ads.  How about those F8cking ads that slide out and cover up 1/3 of the content and no way to click the ads away?  Now that’s proving the web designer values the content!  So yea, Ring 8 of Web Hell is the virtual host of all click bait websites.

What clickbait site do you relegate to the dustbins of Hell?


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