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Zimbabwe 2022 stamps start with cottage industries

Written by catpaw

April 27, 2022

Zimbabwe 2022 stamps began with a look at cottage industries in the country. The stamps scratch at the surface of the diverse crafts industry in Zimbabwe so to kickstart the season, I’ve sourced a couple interesting videos featuring local artisans talking about their crafts. Last year, ZIMPost featured musical instruments, including the Mbira, their national instrument. It was a fabulous set, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, you’ll find the link at the bottom of the article. And of course, you’ll find videos of musicians!

Zimbabwe is not a prolific issuer, some years only one set is released. However, there’s always something interesting to explore with Zimbabwe. Enjoy!


Cottage Industries

2022 Cottage Industries 'Z' Stamp Zimbabwe 2022 stamps 2022 Cottage Industries 'E' Stamp Zimbabwe 2022 stamps

2022 Cottage Industries 'A' Stamp 2022 Cottage Industries 'R' Stamp

Cottage industries sheet Zimbabwe 2022 stamps

2022 Cottage Industries First Day Cover Minisheet FDC 2022 Cottage Industries First Day Cover Set

4 stamps, sheet of 4, 2 FDCs, cancel

  • pottery
  • crochet
  • beading
  • basketry

I found a decent introduction to Zimbabwe’s cottage industries

Zimbabwean art and crafts have long been a central and sophisticated part of the countries cultural heritage. The arts and craft economic sector of the country provides many people with employment opportunities, especially in rural areas. The strong creative flair and unique aesthetic developed by Zimbabwean people and implemented in both practical and religious objects has created a demand forZimbabwean artthrough out the world. Arts and Crafts in Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe Trade Information Portal (

Zimbabwe doesn’t list stamp designer names. If you know who the artist(s) are, drop a comment.

Release date: February 1, 2022

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