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November 26, 2020
Spectacular 1918 Canadian Forces in North Russia covers

Spectacular 1918 Canadian Forces in North Russia covers

Cherry Stone Auctions has a trio of Canadian Forces covers that should generate interest from military collectors, especially those specializing in WW1 pieces. These are rare items. The 3 covers were mailed by members of the Canadian Military Expedition North Russia...

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Random articles 

A scam letter trying to trick the user into replying

Dear CEO scam is causing trouble

If you own a website, chances are high you've received the Dear CEO scam email: It reads: Dear CEO, (It's very urgent, please transfer this email to...

Google ads – fighting scam advertisers

In 2015, Google Ads pulled 780 million ads that violated Google’s policies. They pulled ads that were shilling fake cures, counterfeit goods,...
Image of a needle icon

About a flu shot and web sites 2020

Get your flu shot! Went for a flu shot the other day. Yes, I am one of those who diligently toddle off to get it every year. Normally my arm has a...

App reviews for Windows – V-Browser for Surface Tablets

Alternate browsers for Surface Tablets - V-Browser by Epic Apps App Review   ----   ☕☕ /☕☕☕☕☕ I’m always looking for alternative browsers for my...
Screen capture of Nordstom's $600 mud encrusted jeans

Too lazy to get muddy? Just buy pre-soiled jeans

Spotted something on CNN today and thought no way, they had to have the wrong end of the story. So I wandered over to Nordstroms and checked for...
mycuppa tea mug

Want to buy me a Christmas present?

I stumbled across some of the absolute coolest presents ever. Suck UK has an amazing collection of quirky presents for the hard to buy person. I...
Ad seen on the subway platform for Links of London

It may be pink, but it’s an effective ad

While standing on the subway platform last week, my eye was drawn to an ad that screamed out "Look at me!". The design is simple, simple, simple!...

Not even for free coffee

Sorry Starbucks, the only way this is going to happen is if I've stayed up all night:
Photo of rose growing on my balcony

Finally! One of my balcony roses

I finally snagged a good photo of the rose bush growing on my balcony: My rose bush has come along beautifully this summer. It's popping blooms all...

First selfiestick encounter – fads that should die

Well, I had my first selfie stick encounter today. Selfie sticks are one of those things I read about with wry amusement and slight disbelief. It's...
Small Queen - bullseye cancel

Queen Victoria – small queens

Not in a pithy mood lately so I'll just share some of my Small Queen's collection with you. I have a couple hundred - collected mostly for the...

A man walks into a room holding his head – oh for a proof reader

Proof readers... who needs them, right? Although the imagery is pretty impressive.
hololens tn

Microsoft’s HoloLens – lot of possibilities but ….

Microsoft has developed their own smartlens, but upped it to a complete holograph device without the cumbersome headgear. It's an intriging project...
Old 10mps NIC

Computer curiosities – where old computer parts go

I was helping a customer clean out their "box 'o useless parts" aka computer curiosities a couple of weeks ago. Every customer has one, you know,...

Spring blossoms in Toronto

One nice thing about padding around the neighbourhood - there's never a lack of beauty.  

Furthering my construction site obsession

I've been flipping through the photos I've taken over the past couple of years and noticed a growing trend. I've become a bit obessessed with...

Well, here’s today’s 5.9 km rambling walk

Did the final walk on the 1st Mapping Toronto route with a long rambling walk. It covers the Yonge - St Clair neighbourhood, #97 according to the...

Film grain effect – Adobe Photoshop

I take a lot of photos, many aren't worth keeping. They'll be slightly out of focus, not well composed or just boring. I'm not a patent photographer...

Toronto street art – wall art near OCAD

One of my favourite stores here in Toronto is an art store near the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). It's Above Ground Art Supplies....

Photographing clouds east on Dundas at the foot of Old City Hall

Padded around Old City Hall today, looking for interesting shots. Got some good contrasting images of old buildings and the shiny skyscrappers. This...

Design fails lurking in 1 laundry cap

Design fails come in many forms, print, web design, logo mistakes and items we use in our everyday lives. People often think design means the...

A little crap design – a 16 hr watch

I spend far too much of my time cruising the internet looking for crap design & silly things. And I'm rarely disappointed. If it isn't people...

Photoshop digital art – more work on the arch

Still working on the doorway arch. Hard to believe I haven't flitted off to another project already, but this one has turned into an excellent...

Having fun w/ my Wacom – Line art and water colour bridge in Kyoto

A couple of friends are enjoying Kyoto at the moment and sending wonderful photos my direction. This one in particular caught my eye:  Beautiful,...

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