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Taiwan 2024 stamp program! I found news releases so WOO HOO!

Taiwan 2024 stamp program! I found news releases so WOO HOO!

The Taiwan 2024 stamp program has already produced a couple of great finds and it's only November 2023. Not only have the first quarter scans arrived, but I also found a trove of fantastic news releases for every issue, past and future. This is exciting I can now...

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Photo of signage for The Three Houses B&B

Time away & a selfie in Stratford

Friends decided I needed a brain break from 2020. They arranged for a weekend of food, wine, a play and a selfie in Stratford, Ontario. One waggish friend...
Terrifying Greenland

I’m here for the scares!

I thought, since Halloween will be here soon, I'd take a look at ghosts & monsters on stamps. I learned something in the process. Don’t read ghost stories...
Year of the Dragon Logo

Auspicious Dragon presents the 2024 Lunar New Year

Dragon will soon chase off rabbit to usher in the coming 2024 Lunar New Year. Creatively speaking, this will be an awesome year. We should expect to see...
Hungarian C24 Zeppelin stamp

Hungarian Zeppelin Airmail – C24 C25

I recently acquired a small collection of Hungarian Zeppelin Airmail stamps from a friend who fled Hungary during the '56 Uprising. When he was preparing to...
banner Canada Post UPDATES

Canada Post supports Ukraine

Canada Post is issuing a semi postal charity stamp this summer. This Ukrainian themed stamp is the first of it's kind with a portion of the proceeds going...
Scan from US Attorney Generals suit against Vance

Looking at an early mail scam

I stumbled across an interesting early mail scam while reading through supplements to the Canada Post Guide. I came across a reference to a scam that seemed...
Photo of artist and designer Herman Herbert Schwartz examining proofs of WW2 airmail stamp

Herman Herbert Schwartz (1885-1962) brilliant Canadian stamp designer

Canadian designer Herman Herbert Schwartz created many of Canada's most recognizable stamps. His portfolio includes what is considered one of the great...
Greenland Europa 2020

Fantastic EUROPA 2020 – Old Postal Routes

The EUROPA 2020 - Old Postal Routes competition produced a spectacular thematic year. The only thing that could have made it more exciting would be changing...
A second stamp cancel from the village of Love, Sask.

Valentine’s Day cancels – 53°29′9.44″N 104°10′2.94″W

Nothing says romance and love like Valentine’s Day, right? Unless you’re a stamp collector. Then Love can be found in Saskatchewan, Canada. That's about 260...

Still contrary at 60 years old

I'm now past 60 years old. I always feel like I should start these posts with "Dear Diary, You'll never guess what".  Anyway. With my birthday firmly in the...
Exploring Canadian Airmail History: Messenger to the gods

Exploring Canadian Airmail History: Messenger to the gods

Canada's venture into airmail continued with Mercury Takes Flight (C2), issued December 4, 1930. Unlike the first stamp, Mercury took off with little fanfare or angry comments about the design [see previous article The History of Canadian Airmail – C1 Aircraft &...

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HO, HO, HO! Christmas 2023 stamps are here!

HO, HO, HO! Christmas 2023 stamps are here!

HO, HO, holy cats! Christmas 2023 stamps are here! And of course, I have a backlog of new issues to post. Stamps are rolling in at a fast pace now, so there will be updates almost daily for the month of November. This is becoming a fun tradition here at Bitter Grounds...

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2024 US stamp program is here!

2024 US stamp program is here!

Hard to believe the 2024 US stamp program is here.  It feels like I just wrote about the 2023 season. The usual caveat applies -  there will be changes as the year progresses. Changes will include late additions, release dates added and special first day release...

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Nope, it's not your imagination.

I haven't managed any updates for November. Humble apologies, but I had a slight accident that has given me double vision. I will be back posting new stamps in about 2 weeks after a bit of surgery to pop my eye back into its correct position.

Sigh .... life can be embarrassing at times. 


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