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I’m here for the scares!

I’m here for the scares!

I thought, since Halloween will be here soon, I'd take a look at ghosts & monsters on stamps. I learned something in the process. Don’t read ghost stories from Greenland if you are alone, it’s dark and the wind is rattling the balcony. Just … don’t. Holy Hanna...

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Soldiers of Valour Road

Soldiers of Valour Road

Canada Post released this year's Remembrance Day stamp, Valour Road, October 21, 2021. It honours 3 Victoria Cross winners - Lionel (Leo) Clarke, VC (1892-1916), Robert Shankland, VC, DCM (1887-1968) and Frederick William Hall, VC (1885-1915).  64 Canadians won the VC...

Themes: Glass blowing on stamps

Themes: Glass blowing on stamps

If you are looking for a challenging theme to chase down, look no further than glass blowing. You can find hundreds of stamps about glassware, stained glass, glass art, but very few featuring glass blowing. I suspect a person could have an entire collection just on...

Hungarian airmail – the great Turul

A couple more nifty Hungarian airmail stamps for today's offering - 1927-1930 airmails (Scott's C12-17). I'm missing C14, so I'll have to go hunting for it this week. I picked these today because of the interesting Hungarian mythology behind them. That's one of the...

UEFA EURO 2021 stamps & cancels

There were fewer UEFA EURO 2021 stamps than I expected. Not sure what I was hoping for, but I’m a bit surprised which countries didn’t issue anything for the championships. England, France¸ Spain and Portugal all took a pass on issuing stamps. 13 countries issued a...

Gibraltar 2021 stamps – good year for thematics

What specials treats await collectors of Gibraltar 2021 stamps? Gibraltar's main designer, Stephen Perera, offers up a crypto stamp, 3 Royal family sets  and Lunar New Year stamps that are nothing short of spectacular. Turns out, there's a lot to enjoy in Gibraltar....

Vatican 2021 stamps – full list released

The Vatican 2021 stamps will see 20 sets released covering the usual Christian themes plus a few of a broader interest topics. The Vatican doesn't offer a lot of different formats or a wealth of details, with the bulk of their issues being single stamps and the odd...

Lithuanian stamps 2021 Lietuvos

Not only are subjects and release dates for Lithuanian stamps 2021 available, Lietuvos paštas has lists for 2022 and 2023.  It's normally like pulling teeth without anesthesia trying to find upcoming issues. Not Lithuanians! They deserve an award for efficiency. The...
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