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Åland Post’s 2022 stamps

Written by catpaw
November 16, 2021

Åland Post must be one of the most organised postal services in the world. Not only do they issue their yearly stamp program well in advance, they also include scans. 11 stamps will be released in 2022 with the first arriving in February and the last October 20.  A number of familiar themes return, starting with the tractors and ending with the Lunar New Year and Christmas issues. 

One of the highlights, for me, is the appearance of gnomes. YES, WE HAVE GNOMES IN LITTLE RED HATS! This makes me unnaturally happy for some reason. Finnish artist Sami Saramäki’s Christmas Gnomes are … oh … I can’t help it.. so fricken adorable, I can’t stand it. 

We also get a peak at next year’s Lunar New Year Cycle. It’ll be the Year of the Rabbit and Martin Mörck returns to design the 2022 set. The stamps feature mountain hares, native to the region, frolicking around the Havsvidden resort in Geta, northern Åland. 

As well as the yearly themes, Åland Post also participates in the EUROPA and SEPAC competitions. This year’s EUROPA theme is Fairy Tales & stories. The Sjörå, the Mistress of the Lake  is the topic. SEPAC’s 2022  theme explores Local Drinks and  Åland features bottles of fresh squeezed sea-buckthorn juice. Sea-buckthorn is a deciduous shrub native to the islands. Not sure what it tastes like. If you’ve ever had any, drop a comment below and let us know. 

I’ve already started filling in details about some of the stamps. More will come as the year progresses. The images here are preliminary. As each issue is released, better versions, FDCs, maxis and cancels will be released so I’ll plunk them in and update the entries.  

As always, feel free to leave a comment and enjoy the fun. Don’t forget to stop in and see last year’s stamps.   


Postage tickets, 100 years of stubbornness




self adhesive franking labels, FDC, cancel

Designer: Annika Rehn Zetterqvist

Release date: February 1, 2022

Veteran tractors 

Veteran Tracktorer 2022 Aland cancel

Veterantraktorer2022_Ford1940-tal_webshop_1520px_72dpi Veterantraktorer2022_Valmet20_webshop_1520px_72dpi 

Veterantraktorer2022_Ford1940-tal_ARK_webshop_1520px_72pdi Veterantraktorer2022_Valmet20_ARK_webshop_1520px_72dpi 


Veterantraktorer_Maxikort2022_Ford1940-maxi cancel 

Veterantraktorer_Maxikort2022_Ford1940-tal_front_webshop Veterantraktorer_Maxikort2022_Valmet20_front_webshop

2 stamps, 2 sheets of 24, FDC, cancel, 2 maxi cards, cancel
4 colour offset

Ford from the 1940s, with a few innovations & a 1956 Finnish Vlamet 20

 … a home-built car-tractor built by Runar Karlsson of Ringsböle in Jomala in the beginning of the 1940s. The framework came off a Ford model A, and the tractor was later renovated by his grandson Kristoffer Karlsson. The second stamp shows a Finnish Old-Reliable, a red Valmet 20 from 1956, residing on the archipelago island of Sottunga. The owner Raul Petrell received it as a gift from his mother when he was 10 years old. Welcome to the premiere of Åland 2022 postage stamp program! Watch the presentation here |

Designer/Photographer: David Lundberg
Lundberg designed last year’s Tractor stamps

Release date: February 1, 2022


Segelpaviljongen – Åland Yacht Club ÅSS





1 stamp, FDC, cancel, sheets of 24

The house in gingerbread style was drawn by Lars Sonck (1870–1956), one of Finland’s most high-profile architects in the early 1900s. The house was built 1895–1899 as summer villa and moved to its current location in 1922, where it serves as a popular restaurant today. Welcome to the premiere of Åland 2022 postage stamp program! Watch the presentation here |

Designer/artist: Carolina Sundelin

Release date: March 25, 2022

SAY IT WITH A CARD – Postal Stationery 

Helsak2022_Fest!_webshop1520px_FRONT Helsak2022_Fest!_webshop1520px_BACK 

Helsak2022_Grattis!_webshop1520px_FRONT Helsak2022_Grattis!_webshop1520px_BACK

Helsak2022_PussoKram!_webshop1520px_FRONT Helsak2022_PussoKram!_webshop1520px_BACK 

Helsak2022_TankerPaDig_webshop_1520px_FRONT Helsak2022_TankerPaDig_webshop_1520px_BACK

4 postcards (prepaid postage)
4 colour offset

Designer/artist:  Amanda Valkonen

Release date: March 25, 2022

Frisbee golf



Discgolf_2022_FDC_front_175x115mm Discgolf_2022_FDC_back_175x115mm Discgolf_2022_ark_184x285,5mm_webben

1 stamp, FDC, cancel, sheets of 32
4 colour offset

Åland is home to the largest density of disk golf (or frisbee golf) courses in the world, with one course celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. 

Designer: Sanna Mander

Release date: March 25, 2022


Europa 2022 – fairy tales & stories

Europa_Sjoraet_2022_FDC cancel 




Europa_Sjoraet_2022_MaxiCard_webshop_front Europa_Sjoraet_2022_MaxiCard_webshop_back

1 stamp, sheets of 30, FDC, cancel, maxicard

SJÖRÅET – Sjörå, the Mistress of the Lake

The sjörå is a female water nymph who rules the sea and the lakes. Her beauty only extends to the front; from behind, she is a hollow stump. The sjörå, also known as mistress of the sea, is closely related to the mermaid. The water nymph has her own pots and pans of glittering copper that she scrubs by the lake shore, and she keeps her own livestock. The sjörå keeps a pike as a pet, so, be careful if you catch a particularly large pike! Åland-Post 2022

Artist: Lasse Harkkala
Designer: Johanna Finne

Release date: May 9, 2022


Contemporary art of the Åland Islands (booklet)

Contemporary art of the Åland Islands 2022 cancel


Aland 2022 booklet cover or contemporary art stamps  Aland 2022 Contemporary Art - press release showing artists

AC_2022_TiinaTahvanainen_62x41mm_webben AC_2022_MinnaOberg_31x40_webben AC_2022_KurtSimons_31x28,5mm_webben AC_2022_JohanKarlsson_31x40_webben AC_2022_GunnarSjoblom_31x28,5mm_webben AC_2022_EricaSignell_31x40_webben AC_2022_BarbroEriksson_31x40_webben 

Contemporary art of the Åland Islands FDC

7 stamps in booklet format, second image is the cover for the booklet & third image is a photo of the artists, FDC, cancel

The following contemporary Åland artists are featured on these stamps:  Barbro Eriksson, Erica Signell, Gunnar Sjöblom, Johan Karlsson, Kurt Simons, Minna Öberg and Tiina Tahvanainen.

Tiina Tahvanainen’s work is featured on Åland’s September 2022 SEPAC stamp. 

Designer: Johanna Finne with artwork courtesy Åland Art Museum and Gallery Skarpans

Release date: June 9, 2022

Autonomy of the Åland Islands 100 years (miniature sheet)





1 stamp on a souvenir sheet, FDC, cancel, jubilee pack
Pack is a hand numbered limited edition set. The sheet uses foil and embossing. Notes are in  English, German, Swedish, and Finnish. 

Designer: Jonas Wilén

Wilén designed the 2021 Åland at 100 years stamp

Release date: June 9, 2022


SEPAC – local drinks

SEPAC 2022 Aland cancel


Åland SEPAC sheet of stamps 

Åland SEPAC 2022 front cover Åland SEPAC back flap showing berries growing

1 stamp, sheet of 24, FDC, cancel

This local drink is made of buckthorn berries.  

Åland is one of the few areas in Finland where sea buckthorn grows in the wild. Sea buckthorn grows best on rocky and gravelly shores, where it grows in dense thickets. The branches are prickly, which makes it inconvenient to pick berries. Small orange-yellow berries, fleshy and sour, ripen in the fall.  The Sepac stamp offers a vitamin bomb – sea buckthorn juice from Åland |

Photographer Tiina Tahvanainen described how she took on this challenge:  

I am always as proud when I get a stamp assignment and I love the still life filming. The challenge is to make everything match. Every little berry placement is important because the size of the stamp is so small. I sketched first on paper and I tried different accessories and variations. I decided to use many juice bottles that are over 100 years old. It was a bit of a sweat to get them to stay compact. I started in the middle of winter, so at first I could work with frozen berries, and at the very end I photographed berries in nature. 
PRESS RELEASE 28.6. 2022 Sviby, Åland

Åland Post produced a fascinating video featuring Tahvanainen creating this set. It has English subtitles, and the visuals are stunning. It’s a short, beautiful video. 

Designer: Johanna Finne
Photographer: Tiina Tahvanainen

“My strength is delivering a depth and specific mood to a picture. I am also fascinated by the worn and love to study odd places. You can also often see a poetic tone in my pictures, and I love to see the small things in life.” Tiina Tahvanainen 
If you have an Instagram account, you can see more of her photography here Tiina Tahvanainen (@photographertiina) • Instagram photos and videos

Release date: September 6, 2021

Tick research

Aland 2022 tick cancel




1 stamp, FDC, cancel, sheets of 24

Borrelia burgdorferi is a bacterium that can be carried by ticks and is transmitted through a tick bite. The common wood tick, Ixodes ricinus, thrives in moist and shady places with dense undergrowth. The best way to protect yourself from ticks is to wear light-colored clothes when moving in damp terrain and to keep the lawn short. Less than 10 percent of ticks carry bacteria, and infection does not always occur either. The risk is almost non-existent if you manage to remove the tick within 24-48 hours of the bite.

Åland has a high risk of contracting diseases spread by ticks, which are widespread in the world and have also become a public health problem in both the United States and Europe. Lyme disease is the most common disease caused by ticks. The main focus of the research in Åland has been to find a reliable method to verify active borreliosis.

Illustrator Peter Bergström thought for a long time whether to accept the challenge of illustrating this bloodthirsty bug: “I hesitated for a long time. The topic is difficult and not particularly descriptive. However, Åland Post finally convinced me that the topic is important.” 
PRESS RELEASE, 29.6. 2022
Sviby, Åland

Proceeds from last year’s Christmas stamp are annually given as a grant to worthwhile projects. The 2021 €2,500 grant went to Åland borrelia tick researchers.

Artist: Peter Bergström 
Designer: Johanna Finne

Release date: September 6, 2022


Year of the Rabbit (miniature sheet)



Aland Year of Rabbit FDC 

Aland postcard prepaid Rabbit Aland Year of Rabbit postcard front

1 stamp on a souvenir sheet, FDC, 2 cancels, pre-stamped postcard
4 colour offset

Artist: Martin Mörck
Prolific engraver and stamp designer, Mörck designed 2021’s Year of the Cat stamps. He also designed and engraved the C. Z. Slania anniversary stamps for the Faroe Islands and Greenland.
Designer: Johanna Finne
Calligraphy: Ruizhen Liu

Release date: October 20, 2022

Christmas 2022

Christmas cancel one Aland Christmas cancel two Aland

julen_2022_varlden_36x255mm_800dpi_cmyk julen_2022_julpost_36x255mm_800dpi_cmyk   

Christmas FDC Aland 

Christmas prepaid postcard mark Aland Christmas postcard Aland

2 stamps, FDC, 2 cancels, prepaid postcard
4 colour offset

Artist: Sami Saramäki
Designer: Johanna Finne

Release date: October 20, 2022

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