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Aruba stamps for 2021

Written by catpaw
December 07, 2021

Aruba issues a very small number of stamps yearly.  2021 saw three sets, covering tourism, agriculture and fishing, issued. The Aruban post office also supplied decent information on each stamp, making it a bit more fun for collectors as well.  

Post Aruba did a nice job of promoting the people who created the issues. Designers Elvis Tromp and Rhona Lemminga attended a “Meet and Greet” on December 3, 2021 where they signed their First Day Covers. People who attended the event were treated to a talk by a local a fisherman who discussed the different fishing techniques in the December “Fishing” set. 

Poster for FDC signing in Aruba 2021

If you managed to make it to the event and scooped a signed cover, pop me a message below. I’m interested in knowing what it was like.  

On to the sun & surf. 


Fofoti – Tourism

Aruba 2021

1 stamp on a souvenir sheet
offset lithography

The Fofoti is a mangle from the genre Combretaceae. This species grows in tropical and sub tropical regions around the world. It is green year-round and it grows inland on firm land, yet near salt water. Its English name is “Buttonwood” named after the shape of its fruit, a brown and round button-like shape.

One of the landmark Fofoti trees in Aruba is the one located on the Eagle Beach. It is a scenic location for where most tourists snap a photo at sunset. The particular shape of this Fofoti mangle is primarily due to the constant trade winds, and provides a stunning landscape on the ocean’s front. The Fofoti mangle is found on most locations around the island, however they are seen mostly in the Malmok area, Eagle Beach, Linear Park and Baby Beach. They are also found near most creeks like Rooi Prikichi, Rooi Canashito and at the Rooi at Sero Cristal.

The Fofoti as well as all other mangroves are protected by law.
Aruba Post Office, October 2021

Designer: Armando Goedgedrag  About | Artmando Multimedia   
Previous designs include the Sports – Local Talents 2019, Water Sports 2018

Release date: October 14, 2021


Agriculture in Aruba

Aruba 2021 stamps

4 stamps, FDC, cancel
offset lithography

  • planting a tree
  • tomatoes and pumpkins
  • papayas and watermelons
  • girl and plants

Designer: Elvis Tromp 
Elvis’ previous designs include the 20018 Pets

Release date: November 16, 2021



Aruba 2021 Cast fishing Aruba 2021 Traditional Fishing 

Aruba 2021 Rock fishing Aruba 2021 Deep sea fishing

Aruba 2021 stamps FDC 

4 stamps, FDC, cancel
offset lithography

  • cast fishing
  • traditional fishing
  • rock fishing
  • deep sea fishing

Fishing in Aruba

Designer: Rhona Lemminga

Release date: December 3, 2021

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