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June 13, 2024

Its time for 2024 Faroe Islands stamps and I got a bit carried away with this one. Hard to believe a person can write nearly 3,000 words for just the January to June stamps. Blame the Faroe Islands post office.  I haven’t had this much fun researching and writing since, well, France’s 2024 program hit my desk.  The  program triggered off a few memories nestled deep in my little analogue brain and my excitement ran full tilt into a combination of research and day dreaming.  

May’s Vinyl stamp tossed me headlong into a bout of serious nostalgia. The stamp displays 15 different album covers from Faroe Island musicians. I spent hours identifying each LP (not easy on when the canvas is a tiny stamp)  and digging up details about the recordings, the artists, and notes.  One of the great things about the vinyl era was the album artwork which often included cool artwork, space for the notes, plus misc. details the group wanted to share. With the rise of streaming services, this unique artform nearly died out.  

It took quite a bit of digging, but I managed to come up with some of the cover artists and much to my delight who’s name popped up? Anker Eli Petersen! Yes, the name behind many of Faroe Island’s recent stamps, including the Europa (C.E.P.T.) 2022 – Stories and Myths set. The search for the artists names started with this cover:Saman við tær

Not really sure what grabbed me about it. Maybe it reminded me of some of the small alternative rock bands that we played at the radio station. They tended to have the best artwork.

Another familiar name popped up; no other than Ole Wich, who designed this gem, using William Heinesen’s art. 

Ole Wich design of a fiddler playing to seals

Among his stamp design credits is the First Faroese Language Book, Bicentenary (2022) set. Now there is a chance these aren’t the same artists, but the timelines match up. If I find more information, I’ll be sure to post it, especially if I’m wrong. But I love the idea of this design lineage. This stamp told a hell of a story about the Faroe Islands diverse music scene and the people who helped create it, on many levels. 

Coming from an alternative rock community radio background, I found myself wishing I could pick up the covers and flip them over to read all the notes on the back. Anyone who grew up in the vinyl era will remember the endless hours sitting around with friends, passing the covers back and forth, reading the lyrics, talking about the musicians and admiring the cover art. 

I’m tweaking a few things with this post. I’m experimenting with a better Table of Contents (“What’s here”). If you drop the menu down, you see not just the months but also the individual releases. Not sure if this will work with  larger programs, but seems to fit into compact ones like Faroe Islands. If you find it useful, let me know and I’ll expand it to other write ups for 2024.  

You’ll also find far more details than usual. Among the improved elements are stamps from previous years related to the motif or the designers involved in the stamps. Its interesting to see the connections over the years. It’s already a fun year, 



Coastal Fishing Boats
Franking Labels

Coastal Fishing Boats
Franking Labels 2023
 cancel of fishing hook 

Coastal Fishing Boats
Franking Labels 2023
4 stamps 

  Coastal Fishing Boats
Franking Labels 2023

Coastal Fishing Boats
Franking Labels 2023
 sheet of the stamps

4 labels, 5 FDCs, cancel, sheets of 16

This set of 4 reflects the importance of fishing to the Faroe Islands. 

Designer: Janus Dam Guttesen.
Guttesen also designed the Modes of Transportation franking labels in 2022 and EUROPA  – Palaces and Castles in 2017. His Coastal Fishing Boats artwork is similar to the 2022 Transportation set. 

Faroe Islands 2022 transport labels

Release date: January 2, 2024


Queen Alexandrine’s Hospital 100 Years 

Queen Alexandrine’s Hospital 100 Years  cancel 

Queen Alexandrine’s Hospital 100 Years  souvenir sheet 

Queen Alexandrine’s Hospital 100 Years  FDC with full souvenir sheet

1 stamp on souvenir sheet, FDC, cancel

The first hospital on the Islands was Argir, which operated as a leper colony in the 16th century. Since that time, views on hospitals has evolved. In 1924, the  Queen Alexandrine’s Hospital opened, just in time for the newly graduated Faroese nurses to work the 65 bed hospital. 

The building in the image previously housed the tuberculosis building and was eventually changed to a long term care unit for chronically ill patients. Since that time, the hospital has grown with the needs of the community and changes in how medical care is delivered. The stamp focuses on the painting which artist Waagstein described as “the new and charming hospital in Tórshavn.” 

Painting: Jógvan Waagstein (1879 – 1949), painted 1943
Waagstein was a native Faroe Islander. As well as painting, Waagstein was also a composer, organist and singer. His artwork previously appeared on stamps in 2005 in a 9 stamp set Art by Jogvan Waagstein

Art by Jogvan Waagstein
Design: Posta staff

Release date: February 26, 2024

Sandoy Subsea Tunnel

Sandoy Subsea Tunnel cancel 

Sandoy Subsea Tunnel stamp two Sandoy Subsea Tunnel stamp one 

 Sandoy Subsea Tunnel FDCSandoy Subsea Tunnel FDC

 Sandoy Subsea Tunnel booklet

Sandoy Subsea Tunnel sheet Sandoy Subsea Tunnel sheet

2 stamps, 2 FDCs, cancel  booklets of 5 (3 of each stamp), 2 sheets of 20

The Sandoy Tunnel officially opened December 21, 2023, bridging the difficult passage between Streymoy from Sandoy and Hestur. The Skopunarfjørður straight is known for its wild tides and windy conditions, making sea travel between the islands almost impossible.

The Sandoy is the 4th underwater tunnel built by the Faroe Islands. 

Historically, navigating around Skopunarfjørður wasn’t an option. Voyages between the northern and southern islands necessitated traversing this challenging waterway, either from Tórshavn or Kirkjubøur/Velbastaður on the Streymoy side to Skopun or other eastern towns on Sandoy. The ferry service, previously originating from Tórshavn, transitioned over the years to depart from Gamlarætt, located between Velbastaður and Kirkjubøur, making its way to Skopun. But the journey, particularly during winter, was often unpredictable due to the strait’s difficult conditions. 
Posta Stamps Faroe Islands No. 56, 10/2023 p. 8

Work on the tunnel began in 2016, with a final length of g 10.8 km and traveled 147 meters below sea level. 

The motifs are the stories of the two places connected by the tunnel, the historical village of Kirkjubøur and Sandoy. The artwork is Fuglø’s homage to Díðrikur of Skarvanes, the humble farmhand who became the pioneer of Faroese visual arts. The 33KR stamp pictures King Sverri (1151-1202) who grew up in Kirkjubøur. 
Ibid, p. 9

Designer: Edward Fuglø
Fuglø’s first stamp design was the Christmas Seal 1997 – 20 stamp set. Since then he has designed over 22 sets for Faroe Islands. His artwork was included in the 2 stamp Art 2012 series, Egg Procession for Jan

 2012 Egg Procession for Jan", by Edward Fuglø, which was part of the
Art (2012) series. 

Photographer: Ólavur Frederiksen
Frederiksen’s photographs previously appeared on the Kalsoy : Island of Filmmaking (2022) stamps.

Release date: February 26, 2024

Filming location: Peter Pan in Tindhólmur

Filming location: Peter Pan in Tindhólmur cancel showing pan flute

Filming location: Peter Pan in Tindhólmur stamp

Filming location: Peter Pan in Tindhólmur FDC  Filming location: Peter Pan in Tindhólmur postcard

Filming location: Peter Pan in Tindhólmur sheet of stamps

1 stamp, FDC, cancel, postcard, sheets of 20

The photograph Sea stacks Drangarnir and islet Tindhólmu, taken at dusk.

You can book boat tours to see the stacks and if you are lucky will get to see puffins Unforgettable 1 Hour Boat Tour to Drangarnir | Guide to Faroe Islands : Guide to Faroe Islands. I want to see puffins one day. If you go, take a photo of them and send it to me. 

Photographer: Andrija Ilic 
Serbian born Ilic has been a happy resident of the Faroe Islands for over 10 years now. He began his career photographing the violent and tumultuous break up of his home Yugoslavia in the 1990s. From the war torn Balkans to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Illic documented hotspots with his camera for 2 decades before landing in what he described as the ” peaceful and remote Faroe Islands, with a nature and landscapes straight out of a good sci-fi movie”. 

In his brief bio, he describes the change in his life from war to peace as a process of changing his mindset: 

Moving to Faroe Islands I shifted my focus to landscape photography. Transitioning may sound like a funny term, but there was indeed a process of switching my mindset and my approach to landscape photography after doing documentary, were split-second reactions were essential, including right decisions with composition and shutter speed, there was no second chances … I came to a level where I had all the time in the world to commit myself into pursuing my photos. About Me | Andrija Ilic Images (

This is his first stamp. 

Release date: February 26, 2024

Coal Mining in Hvalba  

Coal Mining in Hvalba single cancel showing a coal mining lamp

Coal Mining in Hvalba single stamp 

 Coal Mining in Hvalba FDC

Coal Mining in Hvalba sheets

1 stamp, FDC, cancel, sheets of 20

The photo on the stamp dates to the 1960s, by an unknown photographer. The men in the photo are Erhardt and Simon Næs, brothers from Havada. 

Havda on the Suðuroy island is home to a large coal deposit, which helped shape the history of the area.  This stamp explores the history of coal mining in the area. 

The earliest record of coal mining attempts in the Faroe Islands traces back to 1733. However, it wasn’t until 1778 that substantial mining began in Hvalba. The Faroe Islands had a modest population then, with the 1801 census recordiing just 5,000 inhabitants. While the locals predominantly used peat for fuel, foreign investors, including Danish and Swedish capitalists, saw potential in Faroese coal, not only for energy but for other minerals like zinc, copper, and iron
ibid, p. 12

Photographer: Unknown and Trygvi Bech Árting (photo of coal)

Release date: February 26, 2024


Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records cancel shaped like a vinyl record

Vinyl Records single stamp on souvenir sheet

Vinyl Records FDC

1 stamp on souvenir sheet, FDC, cancel
offset with special varnish

This stamp shows some of the records by Faroe Islands musicians.  Note: Digging around in archives and relying on translators often leads to errors. If you spot any, please drop a message in the comments. 

Straight Ahead – 70s band listed as pop but correct this if wrong – LP Veðraplátan (The Weather Album) released 1978 on the L. M. Handilin Production (Faroese label)

  The Weather Album 
Album artwork by Archie Black, the groups bassist, who was also a part time farmer. He drew the image during studio breaks. 
This album was the first Faroese album to include original music composed by Faroese artists. By the time the album was release, the band had broken up.
They released singles prior to this. 
Recorded at Hookfarm Studio, Denmark

Nicodemussangbólkurin – 70s 80s pop (?) – LP Lív –  recording date unlisted,  on the  Hymnofon label (location: Tótshavn, Streymoy, Faroe Islands)

  Lív Nikodemus Sangbólkurin 
This was their second of 6 records

Various artists – jazz from 70s – LP Jazz Í Føroyum (The Fjords) released in 1977 on the Havnar Jazzfelag label (later became the Tutl label based in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands)

  Jazz Í Føroyum
Recorded in the Faroes Islands
Recording of musicians who played at the Tórshavn Jazz Club on the Faro Islands.


Spælimenninir Í Hoydølum – folk, traditional – released 1977 self-released 
Cover was designed by Ole Wich using William Heinesen’s artwork.
  Ole Wich design of a fiddler playing to seals
The name is means “the fiddlers, or players, from Hoydalar”  Spælimenninir í Hoydølum – Tutl (
Recorded in Tórshavn, January-February 1977
Although best know for his literary contributions, Heinesen was also an artist and his name appears on another Faroe Island set
The Lost Musicians by William Heinesen (2009). And his artwork appeared on at least 2 other sets. The great stamp designer/engraver
Czesław Słania created a stamp featuring Heinesen in 1988. 


Hanus G. Johansen –  folk, world, country – LP Gaman Og Álvara released 1988 on Nøsin label

Recorded August 15-22, 1988 at LT Studio, Tórshavn and Hookfarm Studio.
Cover art by Morten Christoffersen with illustration by Torbjørn Olsen

Hjarnar – 80s rock – LP We Come For You released 1984 on Bar Records 

  Hjarnar - 80s rock
Cover photo by Per á Hædd and layout by Ingvør Nolsøe
Recorded between 1981 and 1984 at  Kringvarp Føroya, Faroe Islands and Tocano Studiet, Hørve, Denmark

Harkaliðið –  70s folk, world, & country – LP self titled released 1971 on Mál label


Kari P. – 70s – 80s psychedelic folk, jazz-rock – LP Vælferðarvísur (Welfare Indicators) released 1978 on Havnar Jazzfelag label
Kári Petersen / Real Name: Kári Leivsson

  LP Vælferðarvísur
Cover designed by Þorbjörg Höskuldsdóttir

Terji & Fóstufressar – 90s pop – LP Terji & Fóstufressar released 1990 on TFF label

  Terji & Fóstufressar
Recorded September 1989. Cover Design: Anker Eli Petersen, who’s name should be familiar to Faroe Island stamp collectors. He has designed over 40 + stamps for Faroe Post as well as provided rich written notes on many more releases.

Tey Av Kamarinum – 80s pop, folk, world – LP self titled released 1984 on Hansemann Tórgarð label

  Tey Av Kamarinum

Hjørdis Johansen  – 70s 80s children’s songs – LP Barnasangir (children’s songs) released 1979 on Hansemann Tórgarð label (Faroe Islands)

  Hjørdis Johansen

Frændur – 80s folk, world, country – LP Saman við tær (Together With You) released 1984 on the Framtíð Føroya label

  Saman við tær
This was their first album. Recorded January-February 1984. Graphic design was by Anker Eli Petersen.

Vestmenn – 80s ballad, folk, folk rock – LP Brot (Violation) released 1983 on Hansemann Tórgarð label

Recorded June 1983

M. C. Restorff – 80s pop – LP Ymiskt á leiðini (A lot on the way) released 1988 on Egf label

  Ymiskt á leiðini
Recorded November 1987 – March 1988

The Faroe Boys – rock group . LP self titled released in 1967 on Resco label 

  The Faroe Boys 
Recorded April 1967. This was their last album. 

With thanks to Discog and Rate Your Music for having such extensive archives. 

Designer: Posta staff with John Dam

Release date: May 27, 2024

Europa 2024: Underwater Fauna and Flora

Europa 2024: Underwater fauna and flora cancel showing a sea shell  

Europa 2024: Underwater fauna and flora stamp one with sea slug Europa 2024: Underwater fauna and flora stamp 2 with seaweed  

Europa 2024: Underwater fauna and flora booklet cover

Europa 2024: Underwater fauna and flora FDC stamp seaslugEuropa 2024: Underwater fauna and flora FDC stamp seaweed

Europa 2024: Underwater fauna and flora FDC with 2 sstamps Europa 2024: Underwater fauna and flora FDC with multiple stamps
Europa 2024: Underwater fauna and flora sheet of 20 Europa 2024: Underwater fauna and flora sheet of 10 
2024 Faroe Islands' stamps
2 stamps, booklet of 6, 4 FDCs, cancel, 2 sheets of 20

Nudibranch sea slug (Facelina bostoniensis) – photographed May 19, 2020 – there is an entire forum devoted to sea slugs. It’s actually quite fascinating. The Sea Slug Forum – Facelina bostoniensis. They are called bertákna or bare gills on the Islands. 

  • Above/Underneath, photo taken in Akkersvík at Hvítanes on June 7, 2021. Akkersvik is home to a diverse and multi coloured seaweed bed. 

In the Posta Stamps, Faroe Islands No. 57 February 2024, photographer Harald Bjørgvin wrote extensively on how he captured the images and the wonders of underwater photography. 

Diving into the underwater realm offers a unique perspective on nature’s diversity and beauty. It’s a world where the vibrancy of marine life coexists with the serene sway of seaweed forests. These scenes, ranging from bustling aquatic ecosystems to tranquil underwater landscapes, are not only captivating but also deeply moving. While diving, I often take a large number of photos, typically ranging from 200 to 500. On a good day, I might capture one exceptional shot, and occasionally, I manage to get between 3 and 5 that are truly outstanding.
You can read the rest of the article here posta-stamps-nr-57-uk.pdf. Skip down to pp 4-5. 

Photographer: Harald Bjørgvin
This is the first time Bjørgvin’s photographs have appeared on a stamp.

Release date: May 27, 2024

Organic Art II

Organic Art II cancel 

Organic Art II stones Organic Art II snowscape 

Organic Art II stones fdc Organic Art II snowscape fdce  Organic Art II FDC two stamps

Organic Art II sheet Organic  sheetArt II

 2 stamps, 3 FDCs, cancel, 2 sheets of 20

  • Stones 
     “Stones” is a sculptural piece, consisting of two actual stones rather than a mere depiction of them. Crafted from fulled wool, these sculptures are shaped like stones and stuffed with coat wool. This creation is unique and perfectly emblematic of our country, as stones are a fundamental aspect of our landscape. This piece complements Karsten Hoydal’s poem “Bright lichen-grey stones along the way,” where the subtle light grey tones, visible in certain areas, seem to bring the stone to life. This artwork is not just a visual experience but also invites interpretation, much like a poem waiting to be read.
  • Snowscape 
    “Snowscape” features a woolen backdrop, intricately woven from Faroese wool, with quilted and embroidered enhancements. The piece incorporates a variety of materials, including fish skin, rumen, handmade paper, and silk. The artwork captures the essence of a wintry scene—parts covered in snow and ice, interspersed with visible stones and perhaps even a sheltering sheep. The colour palette blends white, yellowish hues, and warm browns, creating a contrast between cold and warm elements, suggesting a sense of life, perhaps dormant or hibernating, beneath the snowy layer.

 Organic art is a movement that encourages the use of nature and the ecologically sound materials to create art. The movement stresses using domestic resources and emphasises the need to reduce waste.  

Designer: Súsan í Jákupsstovu.

Release date: May 27, 2024

Sepac 2024: Tourist Attraction – Fossá Waterfall

Sepac 2024: Tourist Attraction - Fossá Waterfall

Sepac 2024: Tourist Attraction - Fossá Waterfall 

 Sepac 2024: Tourist Attraction - Fossá Waterfall

Sepac 2024: Tourist Attraction - Fossá Waterfall

1 stamp, FDC, cancel, sheets of 20

The largest and most impressive waterfall is Fossá, located to the south of Haldarsvík village in the northern region of Streymoy. Originating from Lake Víkarvatn, nestled in a mountain valley between the peaks of Vatnfelli and Gásafelli, this river descends through Fossdalur. Along its course, it merges with other streams until it reaches a dramatic culmination point. Here, it plunges from a towering rock precipice, approximately 140 meters above sea level, before descending onto another ledge and crashing into a jumble of rocks at the mountainside’s base. From there, the water meanders its way into the sea.

Fossá Waterfall | Guide to Faroe Islands : Guide to Faroe Islands

Photographer: Marylee Burman

Release date: May 27, 2024

Royal Issue
Joint issue – Faroe Islands, Denmark and Greenland

Royal Issue
Joint issue - Faroe Islands, Denmark and Greenland


Greenland and Denmark

1 stamp on souvenir sheet, FDC, cancel 

Photographer: Steen Evald
Design (Graphics): Ella Clausen

Release date: May 27, 2024


The Four Seasons – Stamps of Maybe

The Four Seasons - Stamps of Maybe

 Faroe Islands Stamps of maybe

The Four Seasons - Stamps of Maybe FDC

Mini-sheet with 4 stamps, FDC, cancel
offset + silver varnish

This set is a re-release of the 2023 Stamps of Maybe, Faroe Islands first foray into the Crypto/NFT design world. 

This is a lengthy quote from the designer, but offers some insight into the his design process. 

“The Faroese Post Office approached me with an intriguing task: to design stamps that capture the essence of our four distinct seasons. Eager to celebrate our unique cultural identity, I drew inspiration from the intricate floral embroidery found in our traditional Faroese outfits. Incorporating signature flowers and seasonal animals into the designs, I aimed to create stamps that truly reflect the spirit of the Faroe Islands.
Opting for a black background was a deliberate choice, echoing the traditional Faroese national costume, often adorned with flowers against a dark backdrop. This decision not only pays homage to our heritage but also serves to accentuate the vibrant colors of the flowers, creating a visually striking composition that embodies the traditional Faroese aesthetic.
Each season in the Faroe Islands is marked by the presence of specific animals, further enriching the symbolism of the stamps. Spring welcomes the birth of lambs and the return of our national bird, the oystercatcher. Summer sees the return of the Atlantic puffin and northern gannet to our shores. In autumn, sheep are slaughtered, and we hunt for the northern fulmar. Finally, winter brings the transformation of the Faroese hare’s fur to white and the tradition of rearing geese for Christmas. 
These seasonal nuances add depth and richness to the narrative depicted in the stamp designs, offering a profound connection to our island’s natural rhythms and traditions.” 
Heiðrik á Heygum

Designer: Heiðrik á Heygum

Release date: June 24, 2024


Red Cross: The Volunteer Samaritans 25 Years in the Faroes

1 stamp 

Release date: August 30, 2024



Mini-sheet with 1 stamp

Designer/engraving: Martin Mörck

Release date: October 17, 2024

The Salvation Army 100 Years in the Faroes

Mini-sheet with 1 stamp

Designer: Edward Fuglø.

Release date: October 17, 2024


2 stamps, self-adhesive booklet and 2 postcards

Release date: October 17, 2024

Christmas Seals (15)

Year Pack


Release date: October 17, 2024



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