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February 12, 2018

What’s up – this month’s Vance auction

Time to ogle the latest Vance Auction catalogue for Wednesday, March 21, 2018!. A cursory look popped up dozens of gems. One of my favourite categories is First Flight covers (FFC) ad as expected, there are a number of lots offering Canadian FFC from the 1920s to late 30s. Many are reasonably priced for airmail fans on budgets. One lot, in particular, that caught my eye is a shoe box full of covers and postcards, including “multi-franked airmail, mainly from Vatican City & USA but has many other countries incl Malta, Br. Africa, Peru, etc”. Est price is only $100 and would be a fun sorter box. (lot 971).  Most of the covers are too recent for my tastes, but if you collect post-1980s covers, this may be the pick of the lot. Here’s one that I have my eyes on: Photo of Danish airmail from 1936 - image courtesy Vance auctionBeautiful Denmark cover “Horsens to Copenhagen / North Europe Philatelic Exhibition 7 Sept 1936”. This one hits all the marks – cancels are crisp, colours, vivid, clean stamps. Overall a fun cover estimated price $75. (lot 2029). I realised today I don’t have any Danish airmail! So, this is on my list to watch. But this one sets my heart beating: Photo of a French airmail card from 1922 from Vance auction No one does airmail like the French. The early stamps and postcards were works of art in themselves. This 1922 exhibition card is perfect example and expected to fetch $125.  (lot 2129) I’m still sifting through the Canadian semi-officials and airmails, so I’ll post my favourites later.

You can follow auction results and upcoming sales at Vance Auction website.



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