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Gibraltar 2021 stamps – good year for thematics

Written by catpaw

August 07, 2021

What specials treats await collectors of Gibraltar 2021 stamps? Gibraltar’s main designer, Stephen Perera, offers up a crypto stamp, 3 Royal family sets  and Lunar New Year stamps that are nothing short of spectacular. Turns out, there’s a lot to enjoy in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar 2021 stamps – Crypto stamps

One of the most intriguing stamps for 2021 is the cryptocurrency stamps. If you are a collector of crypto, track down both the 2021 and the 2018. I’m new to  cryptocurrency stamps and think they may be an exciting new branch of philately. I’ve begun working on an article for all 2021 worldwide releases which will explore different aspects of what to look for with cryptostamps. When it’s running, I’ll pop the link here. 

The 2021 design appeals to the computer person in me. Love the clean style. 

Cryptocurrency Stamp 

Gibraltar’s first crypto stamp featured the iconic rock and incorporated traditional stamp elements.  Of the pair, 2021 is visually stronger. 

2018 Gibraltar Cryptocurrency stamp set

Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau’s special packs

You have to love a post office that offers up items like “Mystery Envelope of FDC & Packs (50)”. In 2019, Gibraltar Post sold a massive pack of 50 different Gibraltar First Day Covers and Presentation packs. A great way to grab past issues for a song. What was in the pack? You didn’t know until it arrived. 2020 saw a “Black Friday” special that offered large discounts on a number of FDCs, notes & presentation packs. Gibraltar doesn’t always have such specials, but they are fun. 

The Philatelic Bureau also makes thematic collecting easy. Head over to Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau (, scroll down to bottom of the right hand navigation bar to Gibraltar Stamps by Thematics. Have fun.

Post & Go

Gibraltar’s Post & Go stamps are always fun. This year’s theme was the Lunar New Year. But the best of Gibraltar’s post & go stamps was the 2019 Moon Landing set. They look awesome on a cover! Perera did a fine job on them.

Gibraltar post and gos moon landing 3 more stamps Gibraltar post and gos moon landing first three stamps

Gibraltar post and gos moon landing FDC

Cancels & a few mumbled remarks

Collectors should enjoy hunting for this year’s cancels. I’m a bit unhappy with the quality I have on this side of the keyboard so decided not to post them. You can see them by clicking on the FDCs and blowing them up. Not the best option, but it’ll have to do for now. 

Finally, I’m debating whether to include Gibraltar’s coins. Strictly speaking, I’m a philately type of human, but Gibraltar issues numismatic covers, which I included on this page. I’m wondering if special coin issues should be included as well. Drop a note below if you’d like to see Gibraltar’s 2021 coins included. 

Gibraltar 2021 stamps for January

Lunar New Year – Year of the Ox

 Gibraltar Year of Ox stamp pair Gibraltar 2021 stamps 


 FDC Year of Ox stamps for Gibraltar

Souvenir sheet

 Gibraltar 2021 stamps Stephen Perera designed Year of Ox stamps and sheets

presentation pack

Year of ox presentation pack

2 stamps, sheet of 10, FDC, cancel, presentation pack

Designer: Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography: © Bajena and Siewhoong at

See all of 2021’s Year of the Ox stamps 2021 Year of the Ox stamps worldwide

Release date:  Jan 30, 2021

Europa 2021 Endangered National Animals 

Gibraltar 2021 stamps Europa 2021 - Barbary Macaques single stamp one Europa 2021 - Barbary Macaques single stamp 2

souvenir sheet

Europa 2021 - Barbary Macaques souvenir sheet  

Presentation pack with stamps and mini sheet

Europa 2021 Endangered National Animals Presentation pack Europa 2021 - Barbary Macaques oresentation pack 


 Europa 2021 - Barbary Macaques FDC mini sheet

Europa 2021 - Barbary Macaques FDC

mini sheets

Europa 2021 - Barbary Macaques sheet 1   Europa 2021 - Barbary Macaques sheet 2

2 stamps, souvenir sheet, 2 sheets of 6, 2 FDCs, cancel, presentation pack

Barbary macaque : the species | BMAC

Designer: Stephen Perera

See all of 2021’s EUROPA stamps Europa 2021 Endangered Wildlife stamps  

Release date: Feb. 5, 2021

HM QE II 95th Birthday 6 stamps

presentation pack

HM QE II 95th Birthday presentation pack  


HM QE II 95th Birthday FDC  Gibraltar 2021 stamps

imperforate proofs

HM QE II 95th Birthday limited edition imperf sheets

6 stamps, presentation pack, limited edition imperforate proofs (95 issued), FDC, cancel

Designer: Creative Creation (worldwide) Ltd

Release date: Feb. 9, 2021

Paste and Go Gibraltar stamp Year of OX Gibraltar 2021 stamps

Paste and Go Gibraltar stamp Year of OX FDC

6 stamps, FDC, cancel

Designer: Stephen Perera

Release date: Feb. 12, 2021

Gibraltar 2021 stamps April 

10th Wedding Anniversary

Royal Marriage 4 stamps  

souvenir sheet & presentation pack 

miniature sheet Royal marriage  presentation pack minature sheet Gibraltar 2021 stamps


Souvenir sheet FDC marriage Numismatic FDC Marriage Gibraltar 2021 stamps FDC marriage

4 stamps, souvenir sheet, presentation pack, 3 FDCs, cancel

Designer: Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography: Getty Images

Release date: April 29, 2021

Cryptocurrency Stamp  Gibraltar 2021 stamps 


 Cryptocurrency Stamp FDC Gibraltar 2021 stamps

presentation pack

Cryptocurrency Stamp presentation pack

1 stamp, FDC, cancel, presentation pack

50,000 crypto stamps issued

The presentation pack will include featured articles on various topics, covering the birth and rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the evolution of blockchain technology, Gibraltar’s Blockchain/DLT hub and the story of how ‘Bitcoin Pizza Day’ came to be celebrated on 22nd May each year by the estimated 100 million members of the global Bitcoin community. Cryptocurrency Stamp | Stamps | 2021 | Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau (

Designer: Stephen Perera

Release date: May 17, 2021


Prince Philip 1921-2021

Prince Philip 1921-2021 4 stamps Gibraltar 2021 stamps

pack stamps & souvenir sheet

Prince philip presentation pack  Gibraltar 2021 stamps Prince Philip 1921-2021 pack minature sheet Philip

souvenir sheet

  Philip souvenir sheet Gibraltar 2021 stamps


Philip FDC Gibraltar 2021 stamps Philip FDC 2 Gibraltar 2021 stamps

4 stamps, souvenir sheet, packs, 2 FDCs, cancel

Designer: Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography: Getty Images

Release date: June 6, 2021


Definitives 2021

Gibraltar 2021 definitive set 

presentation pack

Gibraltar 2021 definitive set presentation pack 


Gibraltar 2021 definitive set FDC

2 stamps, presentation pack, FDC, cancel

Designer: Stephen Perera

Release date: Sept. 8, 20021

SEPAC – historical maps on stamps

SEPAC 2021 Gibraltar old maps 

presentation pack

 SEPAC - historical maps on stamps presentation pack 


SEPAC - historical maps on stamps FDC

5 stamps, presentation pack, FDC, cancel

Better images coming

  • 60p stamp – mid 19th c map by cartographer William Hughes (1818-1876)
  • 90p stamp – French map from the 14th siege The Great Siege of Gibraltar (24 June 1779 – 7 February 1783)
  • £1 stamp – 1823 by R.H. Laurie, Map & Chart feller titled ‘A plan of the town and fortifications of Gibraltar’
  • £1.15 stamp – 1726 New plan of the Garrison of Gibraltar with its fortifications
  • £4 – French map of Gibraltar from the 13th Siege. “This map is particularly fascinating as it depicts firing lines from the Spanish batteries and the British defences. The top left section depicts two ships attacking Spanish lines noting ‘English ships detach from Vice Admiral Wager’s squadron, firing on the Spaniards during their attacks’. Wager was with the fleet under Sir George Rooke that captured Gibraltar in 1704” PRE-ORDER Historic Maps Set | Stamps | 2021 | Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau (

Gibraltar National Archives has a nice selection of old maps online called Mapping our Past Early Cartography ( It’s a good starting point to learn more about maps of Gibraltar. The Archives also has an interesting, brief article titled The Art of Cartography Mapping Our Past Exhibition (    

Designer: Stephen Perera using maps from the Gibraltar National Archives 

Release date: Sept. 9, 2021


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