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Norfolk Island 2021 lizards & snails oh my

Written by catpaw

June 26, 2021

Australia Post issues a small number of stamps for Norfolk Island each  year. For flora and fauna collectors, it’s a bonanza of beautiful stamps.   

Norfolk Island map

Initially, I listed Norfolk with Australia’s stamps, but as time moved along, I realised they needed their own listing.  Like many things in life, this project has evolved far beyond what I envisioned at the beginning of the new year.  If you’d like to support Bitter Grounds, check out the info at the bottom of the page. Subscribe, support and enjoy. 

If you are looking for Australian stamps for 2021 they can be found here:  Watching out for new Australia 2021 stamps | Bitter Grounds Magazine

Norfolk Island 2021 Stamps Feb

Norfolk Island Lizards

Post mark for the Lizard stamps of Norfolk Island showing a gecko Norfolk Island 2021 and skink

Norfolk Island lizard one Norfolk Island 2021 Norfolk Island gecko Norfolk Island 2021

 Norfolk Island souvenir sheet with 2 stamps  Norfolk Island 2021

Norfolk Island lizards FDC Norfolk Island 2021 Norfolk Island 2021 Norfolk Island envelope showing 2 lizards Norfolk Island 2021

 Norfolk Island gutter strip of skinks

Norfolk Island gutterstrip of geckos

2 stamps, souvenir sheet,  FDC, cancel,  2 gutter strips of 10

Predation by the ship rat on Lord Howe Island – key threatening process listing | NSW Environment, Energy and Science

Designer: Jason Watts
Watts also designed 2020’s September Sydney to San Francisco mail steamer service stamp and the World Heritage Australia series from Oct.

Release date: Feb. 9, 2021


Norfolk Island 2021 Stamps June

Land Snails – preserving the snails of Norfolk island

Snails cancel

Land snails 2 Greenwoodoconcha nux Norfolk Island 2021Norfolk Island landsnails  Duritropis albocarinata

Snails cancel  Norfolk Island 2021 First Day Land Snails Minisheet Cover Norfolk Island 2021

Greenwoodoconcha Nux Stamps

Duritropis Albocarinata Stamps

2 stamps, souvenir sheet, 1 FDC, cancel, 2 gutter strips

  • Greenwoodoconcha nux
  • Duritropis albocarinata

Original artwork by wildlife artist Janet Matthews
Designer: Simone Sakinofsky, Australia Post

Preserving the land snails of Norfolk Island – Australia Post (

Release date: June 22, 2021


Norfolk Stamps July

Norfolk Island Museum Maritime Models

  FDC cancel of a rope knot

Norfolk Island 2021 HMS Sirius  Norfolk Island 2021 HMAS Supply

Norfolk   minisheet

Norfolk  FDC two stamps Norfolk Island 2021 FDC with minisheet

2 stamps, mini sheet, blank cover, FDC, cancel, 2 gutter strips

Images will be updated when the stamps are released

If you are interested in Norfolk history, take a look at the Norfolk Museums’ Facebook page. They update it regularly.

Designer: Stacey Zass

Release date: July 23, 2021


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