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Stamps from Sweden 2021

Written by catpaw

November 11, 2021

The 2021 Swedish stamps offered a few surprises tucked into their designs. I had some fun looking over them and found myself chuckling at one.  Göteborg celebrated it’s 400th anniversary with an ambitious project that saw 10 local artists illustrate various landmarks and buildings from around the city. The aim was to create a modern map of Göteborg with sites familiar to current residents. Here’s the one that brought on the giggles:

 Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary hamsters

Do you see the hamsters? I looked at this stamp for a few seconds before it registered what I was looking at. Then I spotted the hamster on a bike and lost it. I scurried off to check out the artist and discovered all the illustrations Mikel Nilsson created for the project have little animals enjoying various aspects of city life. This particular rodent sighting takes place at Röda Sten, a promenade that includes stores, restaurants and a concert hall.  Although just one of his animal vignettes made it onto a stamp, you really should go check out the others. They include cats roaming Haga, birds taking over a creperie and well, just go see the snails. You won’t be disappointed. And I so want to visit Göteborg now.

Sweden was the adopted home of the great stamp and banknote engraver Czesław Słania. This year was the 100th anniversary of his birth, and a number of countries created stamps to honour him. Słania was a powerhouse in stamp design, with 1070 stamps from 28 countries to his credit. He also engraved banknotes for countries from around the world, including Canada, Argentina and Lithuania, to name a few.  Polish designer Marzanna Dąbrowska designed both Poland and Sweden’s September stamps. 

The final stamp I want to draw your attention to is the January Valuable Nature stamp that starts the year off.

Precious nature stamp two 

Henning Trollbäck included a touching tribute to Greta Thunberg’s fight for change. It’s a nicely understated stamp. I missed her the first scan of the 2021 issues. When I took a close up look, I knew instantly who the girl on the cliff is.  


Valuable Nature | Europa 2021 – Endangered Wildlife 

Precious nature cancel Sweden 2021

Precious nature stamp two Precious nature stamp three Precious nature stamp one Precious nature stamp four Precious nature stamp five Precious nature Green toad 

Precious nature FDC Precious nature collectors sheet 

5 stamps in booklet format, 1 coil stamp (Europa Toad issue), FDC, cancel, collector’s sheet

The European Green Toad (also called the Green Spotted) was Sweden’s entry into the annual Europa contest. 

In recent years, the European green toad has gone from vulnerable to critically endangered status and there are now only a few remaining in the Skåne och Blekinge regions. Eutrophication and drainage are two of several reasons for its decline. In order to save the species in Sweden, European green toads are bred to be transplanted, but it is also necessary to restore and preserve the habitat in which the toads live. Pg 1. PostNord Stamp News January 2021.

Designer: Henning Trollbäck Henning Trollbäck (@henningtrollback) • Instagram photos and videos
Winner of the 2015 Laurin Scholarship for the cover design Pressmeddelande här.

Release date: January 14, 2021

Göteborg 400th anniversary – Jubilee Map

Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary cancel 

Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary skateboarder Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary hamsters

Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary shipyard Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary bridge

Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary FDC

Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary booklet Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary collectors sheet

4 stamps in booklet format, FDC, cancel, collector’s sheet 

Images were created during the creation of the Jubilee Map Project. For Göteborg’s 400th anniversary, a new map of the city was created. Citizens were invited choose places  they considered noteworthy in their neighbourhoods. 100 places places and landmarks were sent in. 10 Göteborg artists were invited to create a map using the suggestions. The 4 stamps in this set were taken from this project. You can see the places and artists here 100 places, 10 illustrators – one city – Gothenburg 2021 (

Artists: Tamara Kryvolap, Ann-Kathrin Görisch, Rocio Soto, Mia Herman, Antonina Shypotilo, Sifen Wibell, Mikel Nilsson.
Designer: Norbert Tamas

 Release date: January 14, 2021


100 years of voting rights for women

Voting Righs for Women cancel 

 Voting rights or women booklet

Voting Righs for Women FDC 

Voting Rights for Women collectors sheet 

4 stamps in booklet format, FDC, cancel, collector’s sheet

Photo on collector’s sheet shows Elin Wägner standing before the binders holding the 350,000 petition signatures demanding voting rights for women. Elin Wägner – Norvik Press

Designer: Beata Boucht
Typography: Eva Wilsson

Release date: April 29, 2021


Porcelain Sweden 2021 cancel 

5 stamps from the Porcelain series 

Porcelain singe coil stamp  

Porcelain FDC 

Porcelain souvenir sheet Porcelain collector's sheet

5 stamps in booklet format, 1 coil stamp, souvenir sheet, collector’s sheet, FDC, cancel

Images in booklet:  

  • Stig Lindberg (Pall och Berså)
  • Marianne Westman (Picnic and Mon Amie)
  • Margareta Hennix (Juliana and Galejan)
  • Hertha Bengtson (Cadet and Blue Fire)
  • Wilhelm Kåge (Trellis and Pomona)

Cups on coil stamp:

  • Uppsala Ekeby/Gefle by Eugen Trost (Zebra)
  • Lillemor Mannerheim (Sunflower)
  • Helmer Ringström (Amanita)

The Rörstrand Museum has a nice section on the history of porcelain making in Sweden.History (

Designer: Carina Link
Photographer: Carina Link and National Museum  

Release date: April 29, 2021

Queen Silvia 2021

Queen Silva cancel 

Queen Silva single stamp 

Queen Silva FDC  Queen Silva collectors card

Photographer: Anna-Lena Ahlström
Designer: Daniel Bjugård

Release date: April 29, 2021


Late summer flowers

Summer Flowers Sweden 2021 cancel 

Summer Flowers Sweden 2021 stamp two Summer Flowers Sweden 2021 stamp three Summer Flowers Sweden 2021 stamp one Summer Flowers Sweden 2021 stamp four Summer Flowers Sweden 2021 stamp five Summer Flowers Sweden 2021 coil stamp 

Summer Flowers Sweden 2021 FDC Summer Flowers Sweden 2021 collectors sheet 

5 stamps in booklet format, 1 coil stamp, FDC, cancel, collector’s sheet

Designer: Eva Wilsson
As well a designing book covers, Wilsson has also designed 15 previous stamps for Swedish post. 

Release date: August 26, 2021

Fire fighting

Firefighting cancel 

 Firefighting souvenir sheet

Firefighting FDC Firefighting collector's sheet 

3 stamps on a souvenir sheet, collector’s sheet, FDC, cancel

Photographer: Pontus Lundahl
Artist: Lars Sjööblom
Designer: Daniel Bjugård

Release date: August 26, 2021


Centenary of Czesław Słania’s birth

Sweden Slania cancel

Slania Sweden minisheet two Slania Sweden minisheet one 

Slania Sweden FDC 2 First Day Cover Czeslaw Slania 100th anniversary

Slania Sweden collectors sheet

2 stamps on souvenir sheets, 2 FDCs, cancel, collector’s sheet

Designer: Marzanna  Dąbrowska
Dąbrowska is a designer for the Polish post office. This design was also used by Plczzta Polska for their Czesław Słania tribute. 
Photographers: Per Sihlberg (postage stamp), Henrik Karlsson, Polish Post Office (PP)
Engraver: Lars Sjööblom

Release date: October 22, 2021


The Garden Gnomes’ Christmas – Christmas mail 2021

The Garden Gnomes’ Christmas – Christmas mail 2021 cancel  

Swedish christmas 2021 two stamps Swedish christmas 2021 three and four stamps Swedish christmas 2021 five and six stamps Swedish christmas 2021 seven and eight Swedish christmas 2021 nine and ten stamps  

The Garden Gnomes’ Christmas – Christmas mail 2021 coil stamp

The Garden Gnomes’ Christmas – Christmas mail 2021 FDC The Garden Gnomes’ Christmas – Christmas mail 2021 souvenir sheet

10 stamps in booklet format, coil stamp, FDC, cancel, souvenir sheet

Designer: Maria Trolle
Trolle is a busy artist. She has illustrated numerous books, magazines, children’s books and adult colouring books including her seventh in 2021. She has created over 600 images for her various colouring books. 

Release date: November 11, 2021

Get outdoors and enjoy!
Friluftslivets år 2021 – the Year of Outdoor Recreation 2021

 Sweden 2021 get outdoors cancel 

Sweden 2021 get outdoors stamp 5 Sweden 2021 get outdoors stamp 4 Sweden 2021 get outdoors stamp 1 Sweden 2021 get outdoors stamp 3 Sweden 2021 get outdoors stamp 1 

First Day Cover Get outdoors and enjoy! 

Sweden 2021 get outdoors collectors sheet 

5 stamps in a booklet of 10, FDC, cancel, collector’s sheet

Photographer: Pierina Wester
Wester was signing the stamps on November 12-14, 2021 at the Swedish Post Museum
Designer: Henrik Karlsson

Release date: November 11, 2021 

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