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UEFA EURO 2021 stamps & cancels

Written by catpaw

July 08, 2021

There were fewer UEFA EURO 2021 stamps than I expected. Not sure what I was hoping for, but I’m a bit surprised which countries didn’t issue anything for the championships. England, France¸ Spain and Portugal all took a pass on issuing stamps. 13 countries issued a mixed bag of designs. They range from a traditional approach to football artwork to embracing newer print technology. 

Future collectors may be momentarily confused by the year shifting between stamps and postmarks. Covid laid waste to so many things last year and the UEFA was not excluded. Many of the stamps still say EURO 2020 while the cancels show 2021. 


What are my favourites? For me, the Belgium design is the strongest. They evoke a party atmosphere.  There is something about the intensity of the crowds that captures the excitement best. Plus the stamps are eye poppingly sharp.

  Belgium Euro 2020 souvenir sheet

Kris Maes’ design is spot on. The use of lenticular effect used in these stamps creates a 3D effect. Moving the stamp around changes the colours and photo. Hold the stamp one way and you see a crowded stadium, angle it a bit and the crowd is holding the Belgium colours. Wiki has a pretty good page that explains how the effect works Lenticular printing – Wikipedia


Not a lot of postmarks came out of this series. For an old cancel hound, this is disappointing.  Germany issued, as always, some of the best. They nicely captured the speed and excitement of the game with their goalie postmark. I’m a sucker for German cancels. 

European Football Championships 


The choice of the Euro 2020 mascot, Skillzy, will tweak younger collectors’ attention.  If you have a young football fan in your life, introduce them to the Russian, North Cyprus and Turkey stamps. They’ll love them.

UEFA Euro Football 2020  4 stamps

POLL – Tell us who will win!

Ok, now for the important part – it’s down to England VS Italy for the finals. I waited until I knew who would be heading to the finals before posting this article because I wanted to run a poll. Who will win? Take the poll!  It will be open until just before the game on Sunday. 

This poll has ended (since 2 months).

Who will win EURO 2020 Championship


Don’t forget to leave a comment below about which stamp is your favourite. 

European football champions 2020 – winner’s stamp

Italy issued a stamp to celebrate their championship win.


Italy 2021 UEFA championship cancel

European football champions 2020 


Italy 2021 UEFA championship postcard

1 stamp, postcard, cancel

Design:  edited by the Philatelic Center of the Operations Management of the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint S.p.A.

 Release date: Aug. 6, 2021

All the stamps for UEFA EURO 2021


UEFA EURO 2021 Albania cancel

 Albania Euro stamps 2 in the set


2 stamps, 1 FDC, cancel

Designer: Petraq Papa

Release date: June 11, 2021


 European Football Championship 

Armenian Euro 2020 football sheet 

European Football Championship “Euro-2020 FDC

1 stamp, sheet of 10, FDC, cancel

Designer: David Dovlatyan

Release date: June 3, 2021


Azerbaijan 2021 EURO football 

Azerbaijan 2020 Football FDC

1 stamp, sheet of 8, FDC,

Designer: Vugar Eyyubov

Release date: July 29, 2021


Belgium  stamp one showing player leading crowd chant Euro-2020 Belgium footballer kicking ball on goal   UEFA EURO 2021  souvenir sheet

2 stamps, souvenir sheet
with special lenticular imaging effect that will create a 3d effect when the stamp is moved. Unfortunately it is impossible to duplicate this effect on this page. 

Designer: Kris Maes

Release date: June 16, 2021

North Cyprus  

Football cancel North Cyprus

 North Cyprus Football stamps showing mascot

North Cyprus FDC EUro UEFA 2020 championships

North Cyprus football info sheetFootball North Cyprus sheet of 9 stamps

1 stamp, sheet of 9, FDC, cancel, info sheet

Designer: Göral Korol Sönmezler

Release date: March 12, 2020


Fußball-Europameisterschaft 2020 European Football Championships European Football Championships European Football Championships Germany single stamp

 football maxicard 

The stamp has all the stadium names included in the grid.

1 stamp, sheet of 10, 3 cancels, maxi card
3rd cancel (Self-promotion postmark) football in net

POSTMARK PLACE: Bonn, Berlin, Munich

Designer: Thomas Serres, Hattingen using the typographic illustrations by © Alexandr Bognat – stock.adobe.comb
Maxicard & self-promotion cancel designer: Wittmann, Schwabach

Release date: June 10, 2021


EURO 2020™ European football championship 

 EURO 2020™ European football championship

EURO 2020™ European football championship

1 stamp, souvenir sheet, FDC, cancel

Designer: Orsolya Kara

Release date: June 4, 2021

Isle of Man

EURO 2020 cancel 

All 8 stamps 

City sets

London UEFA collection Glasgow set Rome set including sheet, FDC & stamps Munich collection   

Presentation pack 

Presentation pack

Sheets of 8 stamps for each host city

 All available sheetlets


4 FDCs celebrating Engand's winIsle of Man Euro Championship games - 8 stamps  

 Limited edition full set

UEFA IOM full collection UEFA IOM full collection UEFA IOM full collection 

EURO Final game matchup limited edition – 2021 sets will be issued. Includes FDC & Program 

 FDC & Stamp for EURO Final matchup 

Isle of Man Euro final FDC

  8 stamps, 8 sheets of 8, souvenir sheet, FDCs, cancel, presentation pack, limited edition full set, limited edition FDCs celebrating England’s 4 wins

This set gets a bit complicated. There didn’t seem to be set for all host cities. I could find collections for London, Munich, Copenhagen, Rome and Glasgow.  Sheets of 8 are available for all stadiums. Some items are available only via the full collection. 

Release date: July 7, 2021




UEFA EURO 2020 ITALY postcard UEFA EURO 2020 ITALY info bulletin 

UEFA EURO 2020 ITALY folder UEFA EURO 2020 ITALY philately card 

Stamp, info bulletin, FDC, cancel, card, postcard
Illustrative bulletin article signed by Gabriele Gravina, President of figc.
Designer: by UEFA and optimized by the Philatelic Center of the Operational Directorate of the Istituto
Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato S.p.A. 
Release date:  June 11, 2021



Designer: S. Pavleski

Release date: June 3, 2021



Monaco Football 2021 cancel 

 Monaco Football 2021 stamp

Monaco Football 2021 sheet of stamps Monaco Football 2021 FDC

1 stamp, sheet of 10, FDC, cancel

Designer: Alain Giampaoli

Release date: March 25, 2021


Russia  special cancel for Euro 2020

Russia UEFA EURO 2020 stamp one with Skilzy the mascot  Russia UEFA EURO 2020 stamp two with Skilzy the mascot Russia UEFA EURO 2020 stamp one with Euro logo


Russia UEFA EURO 2020 souvenir sheet of all three stamps


Russian Euro2020 postcard with Skilzy kicking soccer ball no stamp   Russian Euro2020 postcard with Skilzy kicking soccer ball stamped and postmarked


 FDC from Russia for UEFA EURO 2020 with Euro logoFDC from Russia for UEFA EURO 2020 with Skilzy mascotFDC from Russia for UEFA EURO 2020 blank unmarked  

Souvenir folder

 Russia for UEFA EURO 2020  Souvenir folder front

Russia for UEFA EURO 2020  Souvenir folder front inside folder Russia for UEFA EURO 2020  Souvenir folder - showing sheet of stamps

3 stamps, FDCs, cancels, souvenir sheet of 9, souvenir folder, postcard

POSTMARKS: Moscow, Kalingrad, Saint Petersburg‎

Release date: June 11, 2021

San Marino

San Marino football cancel 

San Marino single stamp 

San Marino Sheet of stamps

1 stamp, sheet of 12, cancel

Thanks to eagle eyed Jukka for spotting I missed San Marino.

Designer: Chiara Fedele

Release date: June 16, 2020


EURO cancel 

UEFA Euro Football 2020  4 stamps 

UEFA Euro Football 2020  FDC

4 stamps, FDC, cancel

Release date: June 11, 2021



1 stamp, sheet of 9 

Release date: June 11, 2021


POLL – favourite stamp

Alright, now that you’ve seen them all, which is your favourite stamp? When the games are over I’m sure the winning country will issue a stamp (or two). When it’s released, I’ll post it here.

Pick your favourite Euro Championship stamp!

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  1. Can’t see where to vote for the best stamps, but the Turkey set easily takes my vote.

    • Oh, good point. Voting for stamp is via comments. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll add a not at the top of the article.
      So that’s one for Turkey! They are a lot of fun.

    • Changed my mind. You made me think a proper poll was needed. I’ve tagged Turkey for you.

  2. Hi, sorry San Marino is missing from the list.

    • Oh cool! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have to correct that now.

    • Hey, drop by and post a photo of them when they arrive!

  3. Hi, ok BTW Belgium has a thing called “First Day Sheet” which however is not available outside Belgium. And Italy Championship stamps has also a “philatelic card” or maximum card, which I just ordered.

    • I’ll have to check out the Belgium sheet! I’ll have to update Italy’s cards. I really like what Italy does – their info bulletins and cards are appealing. Wish Canada Post used more imagination in what they offer.

  4. Yes it is a pity that it seems to be impossible to order anything outside Italy and Belgium from their Post offices. Had to order via Ebay.

  5. I have a scan picture of the Macedonia FDC in case you woild like to update. Seems not possible to add attachments here.

    • Would love to get a scan. If you have time you can send it to contact @

  6. where is Azerbaijan in the vote?

    • Hey Elvis,
      Azerbaijan’s stamp appeared late and I forgot to add it. Just popped it into the poll. Thanks for let me know I missed them.


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